Web Designer

Web designing is the process of developing and personalizing the front-end of a website making it eye-catchy for the users. Web designer needs to have both the technical and non-technical skills in order to produce a well-defined website as per the demand by looking at the target audience. Web designing incorporates the disciplines from all the departments to produce a website. The Job of Web Designer in India is to design the web-page based on the requirements given to them. They have to construct web pages incorporating GUI features and other smart features which makes website user friendly. The website has to leave a deep impact, should be appealing to its users and the resources should be used effectively.

Technical knowledge must be applied to implement the optimal working of the web-page inclusive of complex functions and creativity can be used for designing of the web-page using software like Photoshop. The non-technical skill includes the marketing of the website as well. Maintenance of the website is also the responsibility of the web-designer. They have to be astute about every task undertaken.

They have to study the demanded system and the plan the visibility as well as the design back-end of the expected webpage. Before implementing the coding, layout needs to be ready. Back-end comes under the job profile of web developer which is in contrast with the web designer.

The responsibility increases with the factor that nowadays a website has to run on every platform used by the user for viewing it, namely desktop pc/laptop, mobile or the tablet.

The working doesn’t necessarily be always about making a new website; one also needs to modify the old website, redesigning it by incorporating new features. One needs to have knowledge of both the old and the new technologies being used, as well as has to know how to underpin the advantages from each of them. The more is the responsibility, the more is the work, and thus the more is the wealth! Salary flourishes with the gain in experience and knowledge.

The website looks more interactive by adding sounds, pictures, graphics, and video-clips or animations. Thus adding these features increases the value of the website and strengthens the portfolio of designer. The designer should be aware about the graphics and has to have inclination in the graphical zone.

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Web designers are employed across all the industry sectors, as each and every industry now needs to have a website for their individual propagation and progress. Website is also used for gaining information, e-shopping, socializing, etc. thus increasing job prospects for web designers.

They can work as a freelancer or can work on contact for either the individual or companies which can be small or large MNC ,e. g. IT consultancies, software houses, web design agencies or can work in an organization’s IT departments. Initially the developers work for a firm, gradually with the gain of experience they divert to work independently.

Skills of Web Designer are:

➤ Worked with software programming and graphics

➤ Expert in Dreamweaver, CSS, Adobe Photoshop, Html

➤ Imagination should be creative and artistically defined

➤ Analytical skills needs to be sharp paying attention to minor details

➤ Has to be knowledgeable about the new techniques

➤ Communication and Computer skills should be mastered

➤ Business smartness integrated with outstanding IT skills

Having known Flash, WordPress, CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, JQuery and HTML5 can be beneficial.

Proof-reading of the content, editing or redesigning, debugging can be tedious and thus web-designers need to be patient about their work load.

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A lot of diversity can be seen even in the field of web-designing. Going into the depth, the other designations to choose from can be: Web Designer, Sr., Designer I – Web, Designer II – Web, Designer III – Web, Interface Designer – Web, Web Applications Developer II, Web Administrator, Interface Designer and Web Systems Director.

A web designer’s job duties are spread over all the stages of creating a website. Their duties include the following:

➤ Writing and editing content

➤ Designing webpage layout

➤ Producing site sample

➤ Meet up clients to take requirements

➤ Determining technical requirements

➤ Discussing the scenario with clients

➤ Updating websites

➤ Creating back up files

➤ Solving code problems

➤ Receive feedback

➤ Upgrade with recent technological and software developments

There is no specific criterion to who can become the Web designer. Graduate from any field can be an expert of web-developing. Coming from the IT background or holding the Computer Science Engineering qualification can be a plus factor to enter the profession. Bachelors after the high school can be of immense value along with some certification in the specified web-development course. To pursue masters can be an additional benefit for reaching heights in career but it’s not a compulsion and one succeeds with its talent and creativity in this field. More than the on-paper learning, what matters is the on-site experience and the knowledge of the person!

A Web Designer earns an average salary of Rs 200,215 per year. Experience holds place above the qualification at various situations! The average pay for a Senior Web Designer is Rs 409,730 per year. There are various job opening for Web-desginers in Gurgaon. Mumbai being the second highest paid city then in line are Pune, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad.

The possible job designations can be as following:

➤ Front End Developer / Engineer

➤ Graphic Artist / Designer

➤ User Interface Designer

➤ Web Designer & Developer