Web Developer

Web Developer builds the Web applications delivering its technical aspects with the help of software languages and the available automated tools. A web developer is the one who has achieved specialization in the development of making the World Wide Web applications, or distributed network applications that are run over HTTP from a web server to a web browser.

Web-developers are engaged in making the innovative website based on the requirement given by the client. They have the responsibility to build the structure of a website. Web Developer’s job in India is quite lucrative!

A web-developer constructs the dynamic website from the static designs and vision given by the web-designer! To handover a fully functionally working website is the responsibility of the web developer. In the simplest form it is building of the website on the basis of the design layout given by the web designer.

In broad sense term varies from person to person. A designer can develop the website and the developer can code for its own designed website. The terms are mutually exclusive but not similar.

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Anything done which brings website alive into real existing world in the running condition can be considered as web development for practical purposes. Entering content is also a part of web-developer job profile. Because of the automated tools, the web developing has lost its true essence hiding the technicality behind the automated software’s. Ensuring reusability is the major concern!

HTML and CSS are the building blocks of all web development. The amalgamation of both these techniques is a skill worth the appreciation. The website which requires some interaction in order to respond back uses the media queries. Php or any server side language is must to be known.

To excel in the field it is mandatory to know SQL, JavaScript, IDEs, Apache, Linux command line. Having knowledge about libraries and frameworks, a bug tracking system and revision control system adds up to the talent. Smartness lies in having known about the usability of codes, MVC architecture, HTTP protocols, AJAX. Having inclination towards the new emerging technologies in the field of graphic design and database administrations can help reach pinnacle! Testing the website comes under the job profile inclusive of maintaining the customer relations.

The possible job designations can be as following:

➤ Front End Developer / Engineer

➤ Graphic Designer, Web

➤ Software Developer

➤ User Interface Designer

➤ Web Designer

➤ Web Developer

Further, few more variations in job such as Associate Software Engineer, Lead Project, Senior Software Engineer, Senior Technical Consultant, Software Developer, Software Engineer, Sr.Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer are possible as you gain experience!

It’s an awesome field to be in, and anyone who is even halfway good is almost guaranteed a good salary, job security, and advancement opportunities.

Web developer has to work in the Development Team interacting with Project Managers! They write the specification document which has all the details of project and deadlines, ensuring the on-time delivery!They require giving optimized budget. Meeting up clients and other people involved during the development is the major task and the list goes on as mentioned:-

➤ To build and refine graphic designs for websites.

➤ To convert raw images and layouts from a graphic designer into CSS/XHTML themes.

➤ To determine appropriate architecture, and other technical solutions, and make relevant recommendations to clients.

➤ To measure efficiency and accuracy of progress and/or delays

➤ To come up with impressive out-of-box thinking.

➤ To alert colleagues to emerging technologies or applications

➤ To integrate advantages of various techniques into separate operations and activities.

➤ To be specific about Content Management.

Pre-requisites to become a Web developer are as mentioned below:

➤ Bachelors in computer science

➤ Experience with HTML/XHTML and CSS

➤ Experience of Web programming, including PHP, ASP or JSP

➤ Experience working with relational database systems such as MySQL, MSSQL or Oracle and a good working knowledge of SQL

➤ Must have strong skills in Photoshop, Fireworks, or equivalent applications.

➤ Development experience using extensible web authoring tools

➤ Experience developing and implementing open source software projects

Having done extra certified course in multimedia design, digital media development, web content management or business information systems can be beneficial.

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The opportunity for web developer to grab a job a becomes high, if a web developer has following skills:

➤ excellent web and database programming skills

➤ good appreciation of design, usability and interactivity

➤ creative skills to turn clients’ ideas into workable plans

➤ excellent problem-solving skills

➤ willingness to work flexibly but in an organized manner

➤ strong management skills

➤ ability to organize and manage multiple priorities

➤ ability to follow exact instructions

➤ understanding of web development standards

➤ ability to work to deadlines

➤ commitment to keep up to date with technology

➤ appreciation of commercial pressures

➤ ability to work alone or as part of a team.

The average salary for a Web Developer is Rs 242,091 per year. A Senior Web Developer earns an average salary of Rs 488,149 per year. There are many web developer jobs in Gurgaon which offers high pay-scale. Mumbai being the second highest paid city, then in line are Pune, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad.

It has some merits and demerits just as two sides of a coin. High salaries, working in various industries, freedom of remote location are the advantages! Cons are long working hours, aching body parts; one constantly needs to be updated with technology and should know multitasking as well!

The work cycle in terms of job description for a normal Web developer is as follows:

➤ Create the technical aspects of websites.

➤ Support existing infrastructure.

➤ Develop new technologies.

➤ Determine site’s users.

➤ Develop graphic design.

➤ Confer with the client to discuss ideas for the layout, colors, and organization of the site.

➤ Collect textual content and organize it.

➤ Oversee production and implementation.

➤ Add HTML extensions such as animations and surveys.

➤ Use web development software to integrate databases and other information systems.

➤ Create pages that appeal to the tastes of the site’s users.

➤ Maintain existing web applications.

➤ Test web applications units and systems.

The pay scale of Web-developer depends much on the work one does rather than the city but location affects the count in salary. They salary of a Web-developer increases with the experience.