PHP Developer

PHP developer write programs based on server-side scripting language known as PHP which is widely used. The language is general purpose and open source, used for making business applications and dynamic web sites. It can be embedded into HTML and thus makes it suitable for web-development. PHP developer may be classified as software developers or web developers. PHP is the most in trend language for scripting small scale applications as well the huge data oriented applications/websites.

Job Description of PHP Developer:

PHP files contain PHP code and holds within them CSS, HTML, JavaScript and plain text. Apart from running the dynamic website content, it creates, opens, reads, writes and closes the server side files. It also sends and receives cookies, maintains and modifies database. User access is controlled through it and data can also be encrypted.

PHP runs on platforms like Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac OS X, etc. compatible with all servers like Apache, IIS, etc. Functionality is designed to support wide range of database. Three most basic features are Server-side scripting, Command line scripting and Writing desktop applications.

To develop commercially useful web applications PHP developers writes lines of programming code The developed programs act as an intermediary between the users, web servers and databases.

PHP developer has to keep track of visitors to a website through the feature of php. They have to regularly update certain content in the specific region of website, and have to display the client specified content based on cookies. It is a great podium to showcase the talent of a programmer.

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They can work as a freelancer or can work on contact for either the individual or companies which can be small or large MNC ,e.g. IT consultancies, software houses, web design agencies or can work in an organization’s IT departments. Initially the developers work for a firm, gradually with the gain of experience they divert to work independently. The pay-scale depends on the role one chooses to work as, increasing rapidly with gain in knowledge and experience.

Their task is to create interactive user interfaces or work for non-technical zones during the making of website. To administrate the website is within the profile of php developer. After the implementation of the code, to the test the software is mandatory. They have the responsibility of explaining the end-users with the respected software or website.

The job description of PHP developer compells them to work for various task at different stages of the work cycle, from extracting and documenting the requirements to providing post-deployment support; this increases the likelihood of moving up to a lead position. Project management experience can also be helpful for reaching the managerial level if one is not so keen in the hard coding!

PHP is most favorable language for creating prototypes of systems designed in various languages. Rapid pace development is advantageous with high security alerts. And thus it is important that before one starts coding in the php, prior knowledge to software tools and coding structure like HTML, Dynamic HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, Drupal, Model-View-Controller, JQuery is required. To be a renowned php developer, one needs to be skillful in the mentioned tools.

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PHP developers have to accept the challenge to continuously learn new things as they are invented and introduced in the market. They have to be in constant touch with clients knowing their requirements and code according to their requirement. The lack of approval demands constant change which tests the patience of the developer and hinders the freedom of developers to code at their free will.

High salaries, working in various industries, freedom of remote location are the advantages! Whereas long working hours can be disastrous for body parts which gradually start aching; one constantly needs to be updated with technology and should know multitasking as well!

The gap between need of the client and the company criteria cannot be bridged with the creative innovation of the developer!

There is lots of Job opportunities for php developers in Pune. The average salary for a PHP Software Developer / Programmer is Rs 240,070 per year. Experience affects the salary of a Java Developer to a great extent. Salaries depend on job role, among other factors. A PHP Web Developer earns an average salary of Rs 188,623- Rs 203,488 per year. The cities which give the high salary to the java developers in the descending order Gurgaon,Noida, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai.

There is no specific criterion to who can become the PHP Developer. Graduate from any field can be an expert of web-developing. Coming from the IT background holding degree of Bachelors in Computer Engineering or having qualification of Bachelors of Science in Computer can be a plus factor to enter the profession. Those wishing to become PHP developer typically study computer science, math, or information systems. Bachelors after the high school can be of immense value along with some certification in the specified platform development course. To pursue masters can be an additional benefit for reaching heights in career but it’s not a compulsion as one succeeds with sharp knowledge of coding and advanced technologies. More than the on-paper learning, industry-specific experience is counted! This diverse background enforces candidates to sharp their business skills along with communication. A developer should know a good deal beyond code; to advance, one should be proficient at different stages of the life cycle.