Fired From Job

“You are fired!” is that one sentence that no one likes to hear. Getting fired from job is obviously not a pleasant experience. It can be that you did something wrong at your work or you got framed. It can be that your boss displeases you. Nevertheless the reality that you got fired doesn’t change. Many people tend to get confused and lose their thinking capacity at this point. Well, working in stress is not the answer. One has to gather their wits well and work towards it. Accept that it happened and try to figure the way out.

Few of the things you should do when you get fired are mentioned below:

Don’t panic and flip out:                  

When you get to know that you are fired, obviously you will flip out. Emotional and mental state tends to get disrupted. Anger, disappointment, resentment etc. are few of the feelings that you go through. Do not act in rash. Don’t shout or bad mouth your superior. Don’t wail or whine. Maintain your calm and composure. Try and make your mind understand that you need to have a professional outlook towards it. Job opportunities are something that if you look hard for, you will find another one.

Take some time before signing severance agreement:

Before you leave your office premises you will have to sign your severance agreement. Do not sign it immediately. Read through it and think a while. Ask for external advice with someone who has a prior experience in this. You have every right to negotiate through it. Give it a try as you have nothing to lose. Make sure that it can end up in your favor.

Figure out your finances:

After you are fired, obviously you lose your fixed monthly income. In such a case, go through all you savings and figure out your total savings that can help you survive till you find yourself another job. Other than that, plan spending your income by figuring out a plan. Make sure that you do not spend your savings way too lavishly.

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Remain Professional:

Take this up with integrity and in a complete professional way. Don’t badmouth your peers, superiors and company to your friends and relatives. Don’t speak ill about your superiors in front of your peers. It makes you look bad. Accept the fact that such mishaps can happen any time in your career. But that should not stop you from meeting your goals. Get spirited up and keep on working hard to achieve your career objectives.

Be in touch with your co-workers:

Being out from the company doesn’t mean that you cannot be in touch with your co-workers there. If you had good relations with people in your former company maintain them. You cutting out everyone just because you were fired is wrong on many levels. So don’t do that mistake and keep them in your circles.

Look for a job that interests you:

The most important thing that you will need to do is to start looking for a new job. This time find a job that can make you happy at work and advance your career growth. Keep a word about you needing a job out in your circle. Try various job search techniques. Get yourself registered at various job search websites.

All in all always remember that everyone goes through some or other bitter experience in life. If you get low and lose your faith it won’t do you any good. Rather take some time off and renew yourself and advance towards achieving your goals.