Workplace Etiquettes

We always have to follow certain decorum according to the places we are at. These are tagged as the Workplace Etiquettes in the formal language of the corporate world. Our workplace also lies under the same web. We always have to know what manners and etiquettes we should have in order to maintain the integrity. There are few very strict Do’s and Don’ts to maintain at workplace. Few of those are given below:

Do’s of Workplace Etiquettes:

Be friendly with your peers:

Sitting in the corner and carrying out your work alone won’t get you anywhere when it comes to professional environment. One needs to be gregarious in order to follow the Workplace Etiquettes. Approach your peers and be friendly with them. Everyone loves an individual who is friendly. So be that person.

Keep your desk clean:

Your desk is a part of your work place. You should learn to keep your work place clean, including your desk. When you keep your desk untidy and disorganized, it reflects your personality in a negative way. So tidy your desk. If you keep your desk messy, people get appalled by you. A survey says that majority of the people judge an individual by the organization of their office desk. Let there be some limit to the plies you create.

Respect other people’s personal space:

Work place is not a place to chatter and get nosy unnecessarily. People often don’t like when people get too much indulged with the peers always occupying their space. Remember the professional limits and understand the need for private space. Don’t jump in to your neighbor’s cube every now and then. It can be pretty annoying. You can blow away a good job opportunity if you don’t learn to behave. To remain calm and do your alloted work with peace is the most important of all the Workplace Etiquettes.

Help others:

Everyone appreciates a helping hand. So be a kind one and always lend some help to your peers. Remember if you will help them out today, they will help you out tomorrow. Often times you need the support of your peers. So also learn to support them. It’s a step to a harmonious existence.

Dress appropriately:

Dress code is important at any workplace. Always dress according to your company’s dress code. If any code is not specified then visit the work manual and instructions and you should know. Even in the company dress codes try and keep it as simple as possible. Too much flashy is bad. Also see to it that you don’t wear anything inappropriate, too revealing or tight. Even on casual days keep it simple. The simpler it is the more elegant and appropriate it looks.

If you continue above points it can lead to various career growth and opportunities.

Don’ts Workplace Etiquettes:

Have loud conversation on phone:

However cozy your workplace is, remember it’s not your home. First of all do not sit in your cubicle and talk on phone. But even if you have to, keep your voice low and keep the talk short. Avoid talking on personal matters all together. Emergency cases are acceptable.

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Don’t use anything with obnoxious phrases:

Make sure that the mugs, quotes, t-shirts anything that you use or wear, make sure that there are no obnoxious words in it. Anybody that reads it should not feel offended by it.

Don’t chew gum:

You should not chew gum in office premises in first place. Even if you do, don’t make chewing noises or blow bubbles. It can annoy people. Also, never chew gum during the meetings. You don’t want to look like a cow sitting there.


Never gossip about your peers or your boss for that fact. It’s a wrong approach. It can shred your reputation if any one comes to know about it. Plus it makes you less trustworthy among the peers and superiors. Avoid talking about anyone. There are a lot of things going around the world to talk about.

Along with the above points, other few things you should not do are:

  • Never destroy or miss use any company property.
  • Don’t disrupt the parking arrangements.
  • Do not share any company’s confidential data with anyone.
  • Don’t be late to your office.

 So these are the basic things to follow. Rest you can leave on your common sense to figure out and use it.