Career In Digital Marketing

When one hears upon the word Digital Marketing, one often gets words like product promotion, marketing, advertising, increasing sales in their mind. Digital marketing is all about making and building up your brand source and power by various techniques of marketing to increase the sales and build preference. The main aim is to promote the brand. It’s a means to get the product representing the brand reach the customers. Innovative ideas and interactive techniques are a must in Digital Marketing. Every industry now days use the power of digital marketing to let their product soar in the market.

In today’s age of Digital Revolution and Cyberspace, everyone is induced into technology. The industries and companies now days take advantage of that indulgence and use maximum means of digital tools and social media platform to take their product to the customers. The evolution keeps on going at its pace with every new technology found. As it’s understood, the career in Digital Marketing has bright opportunities for any individual interested in it.

Various activities like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Content Marketing, Campaign Marketing and Social Media Marketing (SMM) are few of the main activities that make up Digital Marketing. Pricing, Distribution, Retail, Brand Management, Marketing Operations etc. are also a part of it. As we live in the era of internet, digital marketing is must. Even though it’s a new concept it was rapidly accepted.

If you love to be updated with all the latest trends in technologies, to be innovative and interactive, like the fast paced and creative field then Digital Marketing is for you. Strong communicational skills, both written and verbal are a must. Presence over the internet, strong influence among the peers over internet and a continuous presence can be bonus points. Keep on learning new digital tools. At least keep know how about them. Any type of early internship at any digital agency or a company will do well to you. It can be a good launch pad to give you better job opportunities ahead.

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The employers usually want the candidate to have some practical experience before they can hire you. Any type of merger experience can help a lot. A simple blog launching, content marketing, any small e-commerce platform, any digital marketing campaign or some type of project relating to it can help you. Different skill sets are looked upon according to the designation. Usually more analytical knowledge is required for PPC position and various fields similar to distribution and promotion. When it comes down to SEO, more of prowess over internet tools and good written communicational skills are required. Creativity is also its part immensely.

A job in digital marketing not only offers great opportunities but also offers great monetary opportunities. Entry level salary can fall between 2 lac- 4 lac per annum. As one gain more experience in the field one can earn in range of 15 lac per annum based upon the designation and the company.

In order to pursue a career, you can do a crash course or diploma in digital marketing if you are from a different stream. If you are already related to a technical field then may be learning by yourself few of the basic starts can help you. Though having a certificate for the same increases the value of its cause. If you are keen on taking up your career in this field, you can get a degree in Marketing through various institutes across the country.

Unlike traditional marketing techniques, digital marketing does not lack customer interaction. All of the customers are most probably a click away and provide their reviews. This helps in understanding the demand and responds to it accordingly.