.net developer

A .Net Developer is a programmer who is capable of writing code using components provided by .net, generating an outstanding web application. They have to design, develop and implement websites which provides the solution to problems of the business environment.

The .NET is Framework having two major components CLR and FCL, which has been developed to cater consistent object-oriented environment for developing applications, simplifying its deployment and versioning. It is a model for common programming where the choice of a programming language is in hand of a developer! It supports the programming for Web-services which developers can readily use inheriting the benefits in their application. It is the de facto glue for writing web applications!.

Their role requires constructing quality web application having the sound foundation of Microsoft’s technology. .Net Developer have the crucial responsibility of developing the application just as demanded by the client integrating various technologies into their made application. This is achieved only if one has smart programming skills.

Technical knowledge must be applied to implement the optimal working of the web-page inclusive of complex functions. It requires to having hand-in experience with technologies like .NET, Microsoft SQL Server, JavaScript, C#, Asp.net. The non-technical skill includes the marketing of the website as well as Maintenance of the website is also of the responsibility. They have to be astute about every task undertaken. The other essential skills required are excellent communication, innovative and creative thinking along with practicality, and Project management skills with the knowledge of using resources efficiently.

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A .Net developer should be flexible enough to work in all situations and according to the demand of client. He should be capable enough to handle the pressure and witty to complete the work in given span. He needs to be patient enough of redo the task. Must have strong foundation of the technical knowledge and must possess idea about databases and servers. Analytical skills should be sharp, presence of problem solving ability and organizing and planning things neatly.

They can work as a freelancer or can work on contact for either the individual or companies which can be small or large MNC ,e.g. IT consultancies, software houses, web design agencies or can work in an organization’s IT departments. Initially the developers work for a firm, gradually with the gain of experience they divert to work independently. The way one works does affect the pay scale of a developer.

The main duties that come under the profile of a .net developer are: To set up regular meetings with clients to know their requirements and explain them functioning of website ensuring the final make is client specific, regularly customize and update in accordance with the latest technology updates.

Task performed by a .net developer are:

➤ To report specifics of an application
➤ To evaluate the performance of an application
➤ To test and implement all software solutions

The dotnet developers job description enforces them to be informed about the latest technology in market. They have to be constant contact with clients/manager/other developers in order to know the requirements of the products and prepare the documentation which would help in report writing! It is important to give the quality and quantity quotation of the product before implementation.

It is not the job of one person, thus to work in teams is advisable which makes co-ordination mandatory among the team members. Completion of the code is not the end, it is the start in fact as one has to debug, evaluate and ensure that it follows all the requirements and standard guidelines! End users must be taught about the usage of the application.

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For large systems, it is essential to maintain and preserve databases and serves in case the system occurs failure or loss. The .net developer’s job is not as easy as it seems, one needs to be patient enough to redo the coding if needed.

To become a .Net Developer there is no specific course that one should take up. Coming from the IT background holding degree of Bachelors in Computer Engineering or having qualification of Bachelors of Science in Computer can be a plus factor to enter the profession. The person wishing to become .net developer should typically study computer science, math, or information systems, software programming or design.

Bachelors after the high school can be of immense value along with some certification in the specified platform development course. To pursue masters can be an additional benefit for reaching heights in career but it’s not a compulsion, as one succeeds with sharp knowledge of coding and advanced technologies. .NET developer ought to understand web technologies. This diverse background enforces candidates to sharp their business skills along with communication. A developer should know a good deal beyond code; to advance, one should be proficient at different stages of the life cycle.

There is tremendous dotnet developer job openings in Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Ahmedabad. The average earning of a .NET Software Developer / Programmer is of Rs 287,690 per year. The highest paying skills associated with this job are Oracle and PL/SQL. A senior .NET Developer / Programmer earns an average salary of Rs 618,042 per year. Skills that are associated with high pay for this job are Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and dot NET.

ASP .NET Developer earns an average salary of Rs 243,431 per year. Skills that are associated with high pay for this job are Model-view-controller (MVC) and jQuery.