Android Developer

The term “android” in its literal sense is used for a robot with a human appearance. Thus, An Android Developer is someone who designs robot in humanoid form. Designing robot is yet a technology to be worked upon but in its present form it means designing automated software helping humans!

In the modern day tech-world it refers to an open-source operating system used for smartphones and tablet computers. Applications developers translate software requirements into workable programming code and maintain them to develop programs for use in business. Their primary work is to design and code programs that run on phones and tablets.

Android Application Developer designs and develops applications for use on phones that utilize the android operating system. Phones have the facility to download the applications from the market for many different purposes. Applications increase the usefulness of the phone by facilitating with various functionalities. The Android Developing industry is growing at a rapid pace and all the android developers have potential career growth because a high tide is seen in the IT industry jobs.

Most of them who are specialized in a specific development field of mobile phone applications will have in-depth knowledge of at least one computer language. An android developer usually works as part of a team for a company or can be individual programmers. The types of programs that can be made by an android developer vary greatly.

Android Application developer jobs are in demand in the recent time but their life is stressful and their creativity needs to be moving wheels. Android Developers have to write the specifications about the application and also design it! They have to build, test, implement and sometimes have to come with the supporting applications using programming languages and development tools.

The principal function of an applications developer is to make application that performs specific tasks, based upon the requirement given by the client. The code required for android development is mostly open source and available freely for anyone interested in developing apps for phones that use the android OS.

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Work Duties are:

  • To give detailed program specification
  • To establish discussion with clients
  • To clearly mention the actions of the program and clarify its perform
  • To break down program specification into modules
  • To translate programming logic into a programming language
  • To troubleshoot problems
  • To work as part of a team
  • Team can be for specific whole project or just the module of program
  • To combine all elements of the program design
  • To test the working of the data
  • To do the installation of program into production
  • To increase effectiveness of the program
  • To adapting the program to new requirements, as necessary
  • To test the program through user and get acceptance
  • To ensure ease of program
  • To measure the accuracy of the program
  • To update, repair, modify and develop existing software and generic applications

The average salary for an Application Developer is Rs 471,449 per year. Skills that are associated with high pay for this job are UNIX, Java/J2EE, Hibernate, and Spring. Experience strongly influences income for this job. The Android Developer jobs in Bangalore are blooming in recent time. The other cities of India which has the chances or bright career in Android Development are pune, mumbai, chennai, hyderbad, etc.

Skills an Android Developer must possess in order to achieve success in the career path are:

  • Pl/Sql
  • Java/J2EE
  • JavaScript
  • SAP
  • .Net
  • SQL
  • C#
  • C/C++
  • XML