Slow Hiring

Slow hiring is the one of the most dreadful nightmare that a large company has to face which can destroy its entire reputation and image in the corporate world. At any cost the company has to fight against it finding root cause and try to overcome the suffered loss. It makes the company loose the highly qualified and well deserving candidate from a well-known firm, who might be currently searching for job.

In the fast moving world greed to achieve the success with a rapid pace is growing among the people at high rate. Anyone who is seeking for job would certainly expect immediate and fast response. Delay in responding back can make the company suffer from the loss of the perfectly suitable candidates.

The company should not be relaxed taking the pride of hiring thinking that the candidates are in need of job!! It is a two way game. Just as much as the job seeker needs the job, company too equally needs the employees to carry on the pending work. A company is established by its owner but it is run by its employees.

It is important to keep the track about the time elapsed between the availability of vacancy and the position being filled. Firms do feel guilty about the slow hiring because they are aware about their respective loss but many times there is no cure because the reason behind being slow can be various. Hiring managers has to understand the flaws of the slow hiring. The more the amount of delay the more the company is pressured to have a bad impact on its social profile.

It is advisable to see:

If the position for which the employee has applied is highly important than the lazy attitude from the hiring managers can damage the reputation of the company! In the competitive market of the hiring, the slow hiring can destruct the company’s impression in front of great industrialist and professionals.

Slow recruiting can be due to the lack of communication with the candidate. It can also be due to time consumed in screening resumes from the large number of applications. Rare it can delay cause of the leave taken by the HR manager. The other reasons are lack of proper job description, change of management, complex interview process, understood cost, myth that with time better candidate will be hired, not having the urgent requirement, unable to understand the market scenario and failure in negotiation with candidate.

There are two plans, one is to wait for the right candidate and another is take the candidate as soon as the eligible person comes up without wasting much time!! Each has its own pros and cons.  Hiring decision can sometimes leads to wrong choice of the candidate and waiting for that one employee can make suffer loss from various deserving candidates. Because of lack of choosing the proper candidate company suffers from the dead recruiting period. Even in the dead recruiting period, if someone shows interest to join the company then the initial process of recruitment can began rapidly.

The slow response diminishes the charm of joining the company for the applicants!! It is not worth to spend time pondering about the best and the worst candidate before actually hiring them.

High level manager understand the merits and demerits and have in hand experience about its negative impact but they are helpless. Just being conscious and caring towards the slow hiring is not enough but it also important to find out the origin of the problem and know what is being lacked and tries to work it in order to faster the rate of hiring!! Words of the mouth are of great importance in today’s worlds, especially in the corporate world where to gain the trust is the hardest thing. A single negative review can cause loss worth millions.

If it is a small firm the effect of the slow recruitment can be minimized but for the large firms it is a big deal. Whatever is the size, the slow process is not ideal for the progress of the firm. Low recruiting efficiency when reaches its extreme rate, the extensive effect is immediately visible in the market.

Impact of Slow Hiring:

  1.  Loss of best talent
  2. Decline quality of hired people
  3. Vacancy can be filled with compromise of money
  4. Biding on the salary of candidate
  5. The slow recruiter tags
  6. Away from the race of head to head top candidates
  7. Candidates will loose interest
  8. Unfilled positions, negatively looked upon
  9. Increased hitting cost and time
  10. Passive job seekers and not active
  11. Loss of productivity and revenue
  12. Increase in the workload affecting the present
  13. Degradation in quality of service
  14. Time consume to in training the new hire

There are various adverse effects of slow hiring on the HR as well as the other employees of the company. Slow hiring can affect the individual hirer’s professional life as people will think of the person as not able to take a wise decision within a time limit and counting as a looser. The person’s moral will lower down and it would turn him to resign from the post! Because of the vacant position, work load among the other employee’s increases causing them to do overtime. Company has to bear the overtime pay of those employees. All this might disturb the working environment of the firm.

The faster you hire, the better you get!!