Job Application

In a day thousands applications comes up, the hiring managers get annoyed and bored. It becomes tedious to choose one best suited employee amongst the thousand applications.

HR managers more or less hate the Application Tracking System because they are offended by its mechanisms. They never tend to praise the ATS. According to the hiring managers, ATS slow the entire hiring process. They feel ATS blast them with huge number of applications. Though they dislike the ATS they have to screen the application through the ancient method. They are compelled to use them. They have to be forced for its usage.

There is neither scientific logic nor the legal process by which the applications can be filtered from the vast database. ATS mechanisms do not funnel the related applications through the vast database.

If you want to pass your ideas, skill and talent to your clients, i.e. companies then you will have to follow the technical way which is quite time consuming and assures no guarantee that your application would be scanned, screened and validated! It means when anybody wants to do something new and cool in technology, they have to deal with the fact that it already existing and someone somewhere has already installed it which is used for something.

HR receives heaps of résumés for any given job opening, and they end up missing, skipping or tossing a lot of them. Though following some tips one can be ensured about the resume being looked up. Career experts form a jobs and career community where people share information and opinions about their workplaces, weigh in.

It is tough to get rids of the system when once it is already installed! ATS is not user friendly giving the poor throughput! But with the advancement in the technology, easy to use and friendly ATS have come up which can welcome and appreciate the job seekers and help them get the jobs easily.

General scenario depicts that the HR managers simply junk the applications and let them go but it is highly recommended that they pay attention to each application and start from the over.

It is recommended to check:

It has to be combined efforts from both the sides. It is advisable to pick a job designation which is hard to fill. Better start with the position that has trouble. Instead taking a look at the application all at once it is better to look out only for the particular position.

Keep eye on the highlighting subject line mails aiming the particular jobs. It is better to screen the suitable resumes one at a time. Mention the proper email id so that you can get the mails form the candidates properly. Have the applicants send their resumes via email to a designated person in HR It is beneficial to respond to the candidates as soon as possible to get a healthy response..

It is enchanting to know that how a personal effort can show the drastic affect in the results of the candidates. The entire recruiting process will change giving the positive and healthy result of the application.

ATS would work only if the who make the process of applying for jobs easy and simple. Every medium or large company use ATS to hire the employees which the candidate in the dilemma whether he can contact the hiring manager directly or not!! Small Scale Company review manually. The true answer is yes but it is projected as No by HR’s. Not actually many will tell you this because they are compelled to present it as a serious matter. One can actually circumvent the automated system and reach the hirers.

The pain letter written by the candidate has to be witty enough which make the managers read the letter, opening the doors of getting the jobs easily and fast. You have succeeded in gaining the attention at the very time when the HR opens your mail!!! There are certain tips that have to be followed in order to get the best job for you:

The basic aim should be that your mail should not go back to Black Hole recruiting system.

Don’t make the look traditional or else it will be ignored.

Black Hole recruiting system try avoiding it. Figure out who is the hiring manager through the social professional networks and then in the mail use the name to address.

Start the letter by the greetings or congratulating the company for its achievements, it is the simplest thing because the news about the company would be in headlines. Secondly let them know your expertise and tell them about your Business plan and your strategy in the mail itself. Through some spot light on how you solved the same issue previous time.

Sound as a vibrate human being and abstain from using business robotic language. Avoid using the dear for the greeting and don’t keep chattering and create fuss. Just be plain and simple and let them know you are a valuable asset to solve their query.

Job seekers usually spend the long countless hours on writing their resumes, polishing and then will blast the same one at a time to dozens of companies. Then they log and rest in peace waiting to hear from company but never does a single call comes up.

Ways to Sneak past ATS:

➤ Use the keyword related to the posted job but avoid copy paste of same phrase
➤ Buzz keywords can make you stand out but still has no assurance
➤ Use your reference and networks and ask them to endorse you
➤ Send the resume directly in the personal email id of HR
➤ Find possibility of direct handover of resume
➤ Contact the main person of company and deal directly and keep follow up
It is advisable to do the proofreading of the resume which can represent your strong image in front of the hirers. Avoid the use of graphics and logos and anything that clogs keeping it simple. For the best results know about the company and its hiring process.