Wrong Hiring

Hiring a new employee is always a risk for the company because at the time of hiring, the employers don’t know whether they are making a right decision or not.

Sometimes, certain companies take quite a amount of time in selecting a candidate. The candidates has to pass through various interview rounds and only upon clearance they can face the personal interview. Some large organizations take a time to decide upon a candidate even after he/she has cleared all the interview rounds. Slow hiring can have an adverse effect on the company but to hire the candidates with patience is equally important.

Cost of selecting a wrong candidate can make the company pay thousands and lakhs or even millions of money. A wrong choice in selection of the employee can cause the adverse effect on the company working environment. Wrong hiring can decrease the moral of other employees and lower their productivity.

Though wrong hiring has a high potential risk, every large or small company has played game of trial and error during the recruitment process. Few experience the positive decision making while others regret upon their unsuitable selection of employee.

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There is no strong base with which the judgment of the right and wrong candidate can be made during the interview. The person may able to fool the employers about its capabilities and abilities setting high standards but latter on proves to be failure at the job performance which is not beneficial to the company.

There are huge consequences of the mistakes made in hiring candidates for the job positions. The results can have direct or indirect effects on the significant progress of overall company. All this tempts the company to put the recently hired back to face unemployment.

The conditions in which an employee proves to be failure is ill relationship with other colleagues and customers, poor and arrogant attitude which makes him unable to reach the high expected standard of firm.

The effect which is immediately visible is the financial loss suffered by the company. The overhead includes the repetition of entire hiring process. At initial it may be ignorable amount but in the long run it may prove to be a serious damage. Loss of business opportunities is also the counted factored. Months wasted behind the ill fit employ can never be replaced with the one who was skilled enough for the position. The choice of the right candidate can bring lot on the table inclusive of all the business strategies and the creative ideas.

Wrong choice of candidate can cause the other employees suffer from the overload of work. This makes them frustrated with the work and they would end up searching for the jobs matching their preference.

The other harmful thing on the selection of the wrong employee is the reputational damage caused by the mistakes of the person. Every employee stands as representative of company irrespective of their time span. Ill behavior of the employee with the customer can make loss the contracts and the sick behavior with other colleagues can compel them to leave the job.

There are various reasons why no firm wants to hire a wrong candidate. Lot of time goes in explaining the new employee about the work pattern. Time goes behind in fitting the employee, providing training and overviewing performance. Bad hiring can lead to replacement of the employee costing the hiring process to be carried out again. The long lasting and time consuming hiring process drains the energy out of the HR managers. The effective time which needs to be invested in the progress of business is been wasted in the taking interviews which affects the throughput of the company.

It is advisable to immediately recognize the wrong employment and take initiatives to rectify it! Sometimes company decides to sue the HR manager for the hiring of wrong candidate. This can lead to disruption among the other employees being inquisitive about the termination.

The adverse effect of wrong hiring is seen in areas like:


No Company does this mistake intentionally. There are various reason behind the bad hiring, the major being the haste in the interview. Most of the selection of wrong candidate is due to interview process not being carried in a proper manner, candidates are selected based on random assumption. The hiring is done based just on the CV and qualification with no personal interview.Another reason can be mismatch of required skills due to unclear performance objective. Lack of time with hiring manager can lead to improper selection as they make decision just for the sake of hiring and do not invest time in making a healthy decision. Third and the major reason is job definition and the criteria of job are not similar. Misfit due to the cultural environment can be reason behind candidate not being able to perform.

There is lot of hassle in finding the right candidate. But to select a star for the available position can fill the table with lot of higher opportunities. Though it takes time, it is crucial to hire the right candidate in order to reach the pinnacle of success.

For the successful recruitment follow the below mentioned tips:

➤be clear with the requirements
➤seek for the intangibles
➤list the top choices
➤use proper resources and networks.