HR Manager

“HR Manager Is One Of The Most Important Keys To Open A Lock Hanging On The Door Of Success In An Organization.”

HR manger has to be strong, bold, efficient and professional to take the best and optimal decision in every situation without being bias. HR Manager has to keep eyes on the targets of the organization and make sure everyone working in the company strives to achieve the. HR knows the value of the employee and thus treats them as a valuable asset of the company. HR manager aids employee in achieving all the possible success in the respective job position.

Hierarchy of the organization begins form the post of the HR manager. They have to collaborate smartly between the upper level management and the employees. The two basic functions are taking the collaborative overview from all the departments and managing workers.
Mentioned below are the Roles and Responsibilities:

  1.  To maintain and develop the Policies of HR
  2.  Manage the team and staff
  3.  Manage and handle recruitment
  4.  Prepare Salary Sheet
  5.  Develop the HR related business plan
  6.  Communicate with all employees
  7.  Maintain the clear management
  8.  Arrange the employee development programs
  9.  Plan strategies for organization development
  10.  Keep the work environment healthy
  11.  Administer Finance department
  12.  Provide the counseling to employees
  13.  Work out duties of Central HR Administrator
  14.  Arrange the important meetings
  15.  Handle the employee leaves
  16.  Maintain the Discipline, law and order

For this reason HR manager has to be well versed in each and every field related to HR. He is the person who is smart in business, skilled in HR generalist and has sharp management ability. Role of the HR manager depends from company to company. For the large firms, there is entire team of HR whereas in the small and medium organization it can be one person or the team of two people.

You did like to see:

HR managers play the vital role in building a strong team of working professionals. Apart from the basic function of the HR manager of hiring the candidates they are also responsible for building the recruiting team, training them on recruiting people. They role of the team member is to train the new employee explaining the work duties. HR manager views the performance and does the appraisal accordingly. HR managers also play the role of motivating the employees. They take care of the safety of employees, checking for their leaves and maintaining the healthy communication between the all the staff.

Recruitment and training is one of the major works under the designation of HR. They have the crucial responsibility of choosing the right candidate and thus they make the plans and strategies for it. Work like making contract papers, design the role criteria and scope of task comes under the recruitment.

To give the incentives to the employees, rise in the salary and the bonus, it becomes necessary to view the performance of the employee and keep appraising at regular intervals. Performance review and feedback can help employee improvise and aid in achieving the targeted goals. They have to take care of the compensations and the benefits of the employees. They monitor the performance and negotiate accordingly!! To look over the health of employee is the job profile of HR Manager. To allow the employee get the job in the preferred location during the transfer is also the responsibility of HR.

A large amount of difference in the throughput is seen when work is done in the positive and healthy environment compared to dull, messy and negative! Maintaining the work atmosphere, solving the issues between the staff and keep the live working place comes under the role of HR! They act as a mediator and solve the disputes clearing the misunderstandings!

A company survives based on the contracts it gets from the clients! HR Manager is given the heavy responsibility of keeping healthy public relations and make new networks which can make company grow. Organizing seminars, business meetings and other corporate events is a part of job.

The HRM department of organization tallies consumes large amount of organization’s assets; every function within the organization is reliable on HR manager. To build a team of professionals, it is of utmost importance to have an equally professional and well-managed HR department. Having a great HR management team can decide a lot for the company’s future scope and success prospects. HR Manager is most required designation to extent the achievements of company and bring it at top.