high paying jobs in India

The stereotype thinking is that Engineering field offers the highest paying jobs in India. Engineers are undoubtedly one of the best paid professionals across the globe. In the past one decade, not only the number of engineering graduates has increased phenomenally, but also the advent of fields and sectors to work in, thanks to the tech boom! With the increase among the awareness and the evovelemnent of diverse sections in each sector, has lead to large vacancies for the Engineering jobs in India. To grab a job worth the lakh what matters is the Qualification, Knowledge, Institute and the Attitude of the person. These four are at the crux of the entire discussion.

IT & Software Engineers

Information and Technology sector has various job options which give a high payment. One has to constantly strive to be updated with the advancement in the technology to polish the skills and avoid becoming an obsolete resource.

Few other It jobs in India with the high future prospect are:

Software Architecture
Software Development Manager
System Analys
IT Manager
Solutions Architect
Security Engineer
Product Manager
Data Analyst/ Database Administrator
QA Manager
Computer Hardware Engineer

Engineering as a career is really lucrative but sometime certain aspects are indeed overlooked!! All the Engineering jobs are in the blooming zone as nowadays IT as well other fields are in great demand! There indeed is a myth about engineers not getting jobs in India! There are various job opportunities for Mechanical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Electronics and Communication Engineers, etc.

Management Professionals

Due to globalization, the demand for the management professionals jobs in India has tremendously increased. Because of rise in the market competition, to achieve the monopoly and get profit has become the necessity for the companies. So they appoint the management professionals to take the advantage of their expertise and knowledge. Though there are ample b-schools offering management degrees but the degrees of the premier institutes hold a prestigious value which aid in getting high earning jobs. People holding it follow success through fast-track career paths.

Investment Bankers

Investment Banking is a profession which is in lime light these days. The growing market has enforced large mass to seek after this profession. The job profile demands to work for long continuous hours but what puts these jobs in India in hot spot is the high monetary gain of income which makes the win of tough competition worthwhile.

Also you may check for:

Chartered Accountants/ Corporate Financial Advisors

CA forms centric part of all business jobs in India irrespective of industry size and its turnover revenue. It has lot of challenges along with various rewarding career option. The routine work of CA involves auditing, accounting, planning, maintaining and managing the financial and taxation.

Updating and maintenance of books of accounts is a prerequisite for every company, for which they are willing to pay what the professionals demand. Companies are dependent on CAs and CFAs to keep their books handy for the audit time; and for annual financial planning as well.

Oil and Natural Gas Sector Professionals/Petroleum Engineering Professionals

Public Sector Units such as ONGC, IOCL and Bharat Petroleum has various jobs for those who are unsure of their job security. The growing demand for petroleum makes the professionals in this field much sought-after in India.

A petroleum engineer works in the upstream sector of petroleum industry. This work role is associated with the exploration, production and exploitation of oil and natural gas. There are three types of petroleum engineers based on their job roles: Reservoir engineers, Drilling engineers, Production engineers. This sector is growing in terms of offering jobs in India.

Medical Professionals

With increase in importance of health care the, lifestyle of people have made them conscious about their life ailments which in turn raise the demand of doctors. The medical professionals are earning handsome pay packages. Specialization in specific fields can give them unexpected return.

Aviation Professionals/ Merchant Navy

The other jobs in India which are highly inclined towards the money are in the profession of Aviation which is emerging as a fast growing sector. Commercial Pilot have to conduct and navigate the aircraft for the transport, have to perform checking the proper functioning of flight systems, choose routes/altitudes/speed, coordinate with ground crew and control towers.

Air Hostesses/Flight Attendants are responsible for taking care of the passengers in the flight. Check the tickets and assist them with seating, they inform the passengers about the in-flight safety rules and regulations.

Merchant Navy is an attractive career option for those who like exploring the adventurous world and at the same time is seeking wealth. The person has to work with shipping companies on contractual basis. They can be employed in three departments in the ship –Deck officers, Engine department, Service Department.

Also try to see:

Law professionals

Professional jobs in India are not much popular amon the crowd of Indian people but reaching a higher stature in such jobs gives a luxurious life. The job profile in the law firm is to provide the legal counseling services. With the time, the field shows various diversions in the specialization such as labor law, criminal law, taxation law, corporation law, international law, civil etc.

They prepare the legal documents for the client, advice on any conflict or issue, suggest the legal course of action and represent the client in court and tribunal proceedings.

Salaries for law professionals vary broadly as per their specialization field inclusive of past track record. The private law firm earns hefty amounts. Lawyers can choose to work privately as advocate or consultant earn based on the number of clients and complexity of cases received.

Business Consultants

The consultant jobs in India is at a high peak which entails understanding the client requirements. They have to research clients’ industry; locate data points to support the business case, perform analysis, documentation, recommendations and preparing business presentations for the client which sets-up the competitor image and benchmark.

Life insurance/disability, paid sick leave, relocation expenses, global exposure and free health club membership are additional perks offered by the top consulting firms in India to its employees.


Education is a basic amenity for living a life style above the line. The demand of high education will never be out of sight and shall be evergreen. Education seats in top notch colleges are available by high payments. Demand for learned teachers and coach right from schools to colleges to management and technical institutes add to the possibilities and earning capacity of the talented professionals.


Media, events and entertainment are big players of investment and return, offering glamour and big monetary chunks to employees in these industries. The major plus point here is that there is higher demand outweighing the supply. There is lot of opporutnities for event/portfolio managers, news readers, producers and similar profile holder because of the increasing use social media. They have chance to get their desired money. The sports field is yet another sector that offers lots of money shower along with glamour flavor. The wide spread scope of this industry offers lots of opportunities to people to work in here.

However, this compensation package depends on different regions of India and its cost of living. Customer Services, Telecom, Real Estate, Retail, Hotel Management, Tours and Travels are the other suggested field where the jobs in India are in bulk with wealthy monetary gain!