different field jobs

The aspirants who failed in their attempt to fit in ideal box of engineering and enlightened to work out of it, has a now got chance to grab jobs in new emerging fields of engineering, where they can love what they pursue.

Latest Emerging Fields of Job:

1.UAV developments

The use of UAV applications have evolved with high need in the military during attacks and the protection counter operations. It is undertaken in the environmental studies and included in the aerial imagery for civil! The maximum usage is seen is the in-depth operations like surveillance of areas which as suffered disatster-prone. Thus the UAV is one the most promising emerging fields of job in India presently.

2.3D printing

The biggest revolution in the technology has come up with the invention of 3D printing which has sprinkled its evolution throughout the big industries that need it for design visualization and optimization. Its success is sprawling in almost all modern fields. The only requirement of this profession is customer, market and manufacturing between them. High intellectual minds are hired for making complex design patterns. The jobs are increasing with the awareness among the poeple about this latest and new emerging fields of job in India.


It is multi-specialized engineering field which stimulates the benefits from all areas such as chemistry biology, physics, engineering, material science simultaneously. Indeed, it is all about generating new technology by unleashing the potential of materials at Nano scale. It is also one of the emerging fields of job in India offering various job opporutnities to the youth in the present era.

4.Energy systems

It meets the requirement of current and growing challenge of declining fossil fuels and demand for alternative. This field of work is new amongst various emerging fields of job in India which covers the engineering knowledge from the fields like energy generation and energy conversion.

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5.Advanced Materials

The other emerging fields of job in india is sector of Advanced Materials which is all about the research in the physics and the chemistry. It is about understanding the original properties of the material involved which includes characteristics, processing and the synthesizing.


The foundation is the combination of mechanical, electrical and the computer engineering. The robotic equipment’s are used for accuracy, invasiveness and high efficiency. It is top amongst the technical emerging fields of job in India.

7.Fuel Cells

It is a subfield of Chemical Engineering which converts the energy from fuel to the electricity through chemical reaction. It is new emerging fields of job in India where the work is to consume less power at extreme conditions and generate the maximum output.

8.Simulation tools

Simulation technology is an engineering concept which enables replication of the phenomenon based on certain mathematical formulas and programmers. Widely used design equipment so that the final product will be as close to design specs without expensive in process modification. The other fields of IT which are worth to opt for, as they have bright future prospects are:

9.Business architect

Business architecture is about making sure the whole business holds together. It made the notion that IT is separate from business fade in to the antiquity. It is the merging technology and business creating hybrid breed of enterprise. Technology drives the way the company can pursue their successful business goals. He is the member of business organization, connecting to CEO with strategies that make a company reach stature.

10.Social Media Architect

Social Web tools and services are now entering business at every level. As the complexity of social business grows, companies need specialists to make it all work. The IT specialist should have the knowledge of building secure social network. Designing an infrastructure in which all these apps can work together will require IT pros focused explicitly on social business. This is one of the emerging fields of job in India which offers a great monetary career for the IT specialist.

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11.Mobile Technology Expert

It has changed a lot due to the mobile technology which is in trend in the modern times. They have to develop mobile app, architect its strategies and making it safe from harmful threats giving it secure security is the main factor that has evolved the Mobile Technology jobs. Having the knowledge of IT, there are ample amount of job for deploying and managing the OS fleet. There is a movement in the mobile web development which crosses the platforms.

12.Cloud Architect

There is a positive momentum towards the cloud architecture in the recent times. The more advanced your understanding of virtualization networking and management, the better your chances.

13.Data Scientist

Data science jobs will require workers with a spectrum of skills, from entry-level data cleaners to the high-level statisticians. There is lot of unstructured or the semi-structured data which keeps multiplying at a rapid pace. Data found maybe invaluable nugget customer information; potential system failures, security risk or it may be valuable. It becomes tedious to manage when it comes in bulk.This emerging field of jobs in India has lot of vacanies as there is unlimited demand for people with background in quantitative analysis.

14.User Experience Designing

It is field where one designs the user’s real life experience in to the artificial system. The sketch of what user experience and is used to in the daily life has to be transformed in to the prototype.

15.Analytics Profession

Analytics is a profession that spans across various industries, from healthcare and banking to e-commerce and marketing to information technology and biotechnology. It involves analyzing a business strategy and devising or streamlining the organizational structure. It is suspecting the powerful outcomes based on the present input data.

16.R&D Profession

It is most progressive field of the recent time new emerging fields of jobs in India. R&D professionals are engineering technicians who use their knowledge to assist engineers and other scientists to create, design and construct new products or equipment that will be then marketed and sold to the consumers or specific industries.