Electronics and Communication Engineering

In Electronics and Communication Engineering, Engineers have to research, design and develop, as well as manufacture and check the production of communication or electrical equipment/systems!

Electronics and Communication Engineers invent and design technologies that comprises of knowledge from all the areas which is useful for implementation of programs through various principles and algorithms of each related fields. Scientific knowledge about the behavior and effect of system is needed which helps in better designing and development! This proves to be beneficiary while testing of the equipment’s.

The field of Electronics and Communication Engineering is mainly concerned with the transmission and processing of information of various kinds from simple control circuits to complex digital telecommunication systems.

The product developed by the Electronics and Communication Engineers can be used for scientific, military, industrial or commercial purpose.

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The engineers of Electronics and Communication Engineering field use scientific knowledge of the behavior and effects of electrons to design, develop and test components, devices, systems or equipment. The source through which the devices generally get power in order to operate is the electricity. Non-linear and active electrical component such as electron tubes and semiconductor devices, especially transistors, diodes and integrated circuits, are utilized to design electronic circuits, devices and systems.

The kind of work an Electronics and Communication engineer has to do vary with the designation they choose to work on. With more technical knowledge required for reaching the higher positions. Experience plays the key role.

They work in all stages from the initial phase of product designing which includes concept briefing to final stage of product manufacturing which takes place after the testing of the product. Concept briefing has to done properly in order to reach the development stage. Only after the prototype is accepted with zero errors, it is launched into the market. There are various areas which use the electronics for their working and thus the jobs can be secured in these domains as well. Few sectors of Electronics and Communication Engineering which use electronics on the regular work are acoustics, defense, medical instruments, mobile phones, nanotechnology, robotics, radio and satellite communication.

Sub-fields of Electronics and Communication Engineering include control engineering, instrumentation, signal processing, telecommunications engineering, analog electronics, digital electronics, consumer electronics, embedded systems and power electronics. Electronics and Communication engineers also tend to work with micro-chips. The fields related to same are mentioned below:

  • analogue and digital television systems
  • portable computers
  • super computers
  • sophisticated space exploration systems
  • industrial automation
  • artificial intelligence

All kinds of Electronics and Communication jobs are available in Pune, for any field as it is known as the hub of the job provider. Maharashtra too has various job opportunities but majority of which summarizes within the Pune. The salary range is Rs 273,099 – Rs 1,039,496 for Electronics and Communication Engineering jobs in Pune. The jobs are lined up in numbers if you search for one. The opportunity to rise increases with the increasing job numbers.  Network Engineer is paid Rs 119,425 – Rs 572,620 if he/she has done the Electronics and Communication Engineering.

In Bangalore there are many job opportunities in the Electronics and Communication Engineering field. This region of Karnataka offers job opportunities for both fresher as well the experienced Electronics and Communication Engineer. The salary range in this zone is usually Rs 259,500 – Rs 1,152,675. The Senior Software Engineers are paid approximately from Rs 398,496 – Rs 1,074,121

The Electronics and Communications engineering jobs in Hyderabad is in wave. They are offered salary between Rs 237,191 – Rs 1,045,759. There is lot of upcoming opportunities in this region of Andhra Pradesh as well. The approximate salary for the designation of Software Developer is around Rs 147,000 – Rs 707,913 in this zone. The fresher’s have equal chance of grabbing the position as the availability of jobs is more compared to the demand.

Chennai is not the only Job Hub of Tamil Nadu but it provides an attractive salary range from Rs 182,520 – Rs 727,474, which makes it the favorite place for both the employer and job seeker. The approximate salary Lead Software Engineer is Rs 547,290 – Rs 1,516,396. There are various opportunities in this region for both male and female including fresher’s as well as experienced.

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Mumbai gives its Electronics and Communication engineer’s salary between Rs 176,506 – Rs 920,069. The approximate salary of a Project Manager, Information Technology (IT) in Mumbai Rs 701,724 – Rs 1,974,735. The fresher’s have high chance of grabbing a job as there is lot of vacancies in different companies.

The salary for electronics and communication engineers for the female’s usually range between Rs 225,294 – Rs 820,799 whereas  for the male the salary scale lies between  Rs 214,270 – Rs 1,012,035, initially being low for a fresher and gradually increasing with the experience.