Civil Engineering

Civil Engineer’s are the most creative people, they tend not only to make designs of the building but instead make CREATIVE designs which give the buildings stature worth to be called as Architecture!! In the process of giving creative architectures they do not forget the protection of our environment!! Nowadays lot of construction techniques have been improved which saves the environment from harmful chemicals and Air/Noise Pollution.

Civil engineers not only design on paper but they fulfill the challenge to construct the same in real-life. Their constructions tend to last years and years! So the maintenance and oversee of its future aspect is also the responsibility of a Civil Engineer. The infrastructure which attracts everyone in its first place is due to the blue-sky thinking of their artistic minds!

The concept of Civil Engineering is deeper than just constructing buildings! Building construction has sub-parts, each being way apart from the other. The construction of bridges, airport, dams, railways, roads, power plants, harbor’s, factories, large building, irrigation projects, water and sewage systems all comes under CIVIL ENGINEERING. Civil Engineering consists of two major parts where one is on paper designing and the other one is on site construction. These are the two sides of coin which mean same but apply differently! The expert of one need not be necessarily expert of the other. The Contractors are generally the ones who implement the designs of ARCHITECT making the real structures.

Time is crucial for the CIVIL Engineers as they need to complete certain projects within the given time span where the weather can sometimes become the hindrance. The job description of Civil Engineers demands them to be trained to work in all the diversified environmental situations! Thus Civil Engineering comprises of knowledge from all the fellow engineering fields.

To possess a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering, one has to have strong mathematics and clear with laws of physics! It is creditable to do Masters in the same. Having done M.E. in Civil makes person profound in the field of civil engineering and later he/she can reach heights with the experience.

There is no specification for skills but its beneficiary to have strong command over mathematics knowing the laws of physics which helps in better building construction. Ability to do many things simultaneously can be a plus point and one should have leadership quality in order to handle workers under them while handling one large site.

Responsibilities of Civil Engineer:

  • To Meet up Clients discussing the plan
  • To visit the site and analyze it giving the quotation
  • To work with automated software’s for making the blueprint of design
  • To test the feasibility of the project in terms of cost as well as operations keeping in mind the environment adversities
  • To ensure legal liabilities and manage the workers

Maharashtra as whole offers various job opportunities but majority of Civil Engineering jobs summarizes within the Pune. The salary range is Rs 273,705 – Rs 1,473,953 for the civil jobs in Pune. The jobs are lined up in numbers if you search for one. The opportunity to rise increases with the increasing job numbers.  The Project Manager of the on-site construction is paid Rs 465,398 – Rs 1,554,697 if he/she has done just the bachelors.

Chennai is not the only Job Hub of Tamil Nadu but it provides an attractive salary range from Rs 144,028 – Rs 1,166,528, which makes it the favorite place for both the employer and job seeker. The Structural Design Engineer Rs 206,790 – Rs 986,326 approximate salary of is around Rs 700,000 – Rs 1,160,000. There are various opportunities in this region for both male and female including fresher’s as well as experienced.

Mumbai gives its Civil Engineers salary between Rs 228,219 – Rs 1,061,246. The approximate salary of a Quantity Surveyor in Mumbai Rs 206,790 – Rs 864,021. Structural Engineer is given the salary Rs 121,641 – Rs 1,775,386 the fresher’s have high chance of grabbing a job as there is lot of vacancies in different companies.

The approximate salary for the designation of the Assistant Project Manager, Construction is around Rs 304,102 – Rs 808,111 in Andhra Pradesh. The freshers have equal chance of grabbing the position as the availability of jobs is more compared to the demand. There is lot of upcoming Civil Engineering job opportunities in Hyderabad which offers salary between Rs 355,622 – Rs 1,320,134.

In Bangalore there are many job opportunities in the Civil Engineering field, this region of Karnataka has job opportunities for both fresher as well the experienced Civil Engineer. The salary range in this zone is usually from Rs 229,005 – Rs 1,030,780. The Civil Engineer are paid approximately from   Rs 145,893 – Rs 928,133 and Senior Civil Engineer approximately given salary worth Rs 252,508 – Rs 1,030,188

The salary of Civil Engineers show variation with the gender. The Female percentage in the Civil Engineering is 9% whereas the Males are 91 %. The salary for the females in Civil Engineering usually range between Rs 169,127 – Rs 621,275 whereas for the male the scale lies between Rs 237,998 – Rs 1,256,985, starting with low, gradually increasing with the experience.