Break at Work

“Idleness is not just a vacation, an indulgence or a vice; it is as indispensable to the brain.”

Continuous working can damage the effective of working and reduce the speed of the work! Utilize the break to make you happy, focused and productive!

Taking short breaks during the work helps to maintain the energy and regains the freshness!! The most important thing is to decompressing by inhaling the breath!! Move away from your desk during your break!

The common norm is that people in the haste of finishing the work, avoids chewing the food, they simply gulp it down. With some organization having the restrictions to use the phone during the working hours, the people have tendency to concentrate more on cellphone while on break rather than relaxing or eating with the attention. Eating is important, some people skip lunch, but for brain to work, there has to be intake of nutrients in the body! Eating does not count any kind of food; junk food damages the working capacity, so it is advisable to eat the right kind of food.

Not every break requires eating and sometimes the break simply has to do with EATING!!! Having too much on the plate is dangerous may it be work or the food!! Thus is becomes important to balance between the both taking the short breaks!!  In order to sustain focus on the work, take the short walking breaks in the office corridor where you can play out your rest of the work!!! If allowed, take some fresh air and move out the building!!

Be strategic about the lunch breaks!! Divide the entire lunch break time into short time intervals! That’s the way to dismiss and diminish the fatigue. Sometime talking things apart from work and cracking joke can also help in boosting energy!! A cup of coffee along with some doodling can be refreshing and entertaining! Meditation or listening to music can be optimal method for brain to relax.

You might want to find out:

Breaks can be utilized to finish any pending task of personal life!! Meeting friends and setting up lunch with family can give the new boost in work!! Breaks can be used in practicing for the extra activities or the social events organized by the company. Engaging in such activities reenergizes.

Work obsessed professional environment has shrunk the break time span but there also lay the benefits of taking the breaks!! Breaks can be taken to take the naps or day dreaming which refresh the mind and thus one can work more with the same kind of freshness! If the environment permits, then doing little work out can help! Working out helps in reducing stress improves mood, increases self-confidence and self-esteem.

Overloading the brain with the continuous work can deplete its psychological usefulness as cognitive resources are scarce and limited! Generally the few hours of the working are really productivity but the same gets dull with the end of the day!! So to be consistent throughout the day, it is beneficial to take the breaks!!

Take a small insight in the social media during the break to know the latest updates and news going on! Utilize the Lunch break to communicate with the manager and the employees from other departments building your professional network which can help you for reaching the pinnacle of success.

Breaks are not just meant for leisure activity, they can also be effectively utilized to manage the work smartly!! Do not stick to monotonous activities in the break, meanwhile the break in ON, make the pending calls! You can also check for other available jobs and apply between the breaks!!

Generally the time span for the breaks are less but then if you are smart enough to manage your work then you can risk up taking the breaks increasing you productivity!!

Breaks fill the fuel and give the power; it acts as a kind of natural energy pick!!

The benefits from Break at Work are:

  1. Break does not let a person get bore
  2. Break makes the time flow
  3. Break helps in retaining information
  4. Breaks helps in building connections
  5. Break can reevaluate goals
  6. Break does not let loose focus

Taking break helps in maintaining the sharpness at the business skills! It is not strongly recommended but there is no guilt to read the books or newspaper in the break! Not taking a break can leave you with a lot of time and one is able to able to lot more work is just a myth!!! For obvious reason the work would be completed but working at a stretch will not give efficient results!! The downtime one gets during can recharge them!! The time can be used to make notes and recall the left task for the day!

There are various professional methods of taking break where 52-17 Method tells to work for 52minutes and take break for 17mins!! There is also another method which asks to work in burst of 90minutes!! The method called Pomodoro suggest to work for 25minutes and take short break of 5minutes!! Taking breaks maintains physical fitness and thus the managers understand its importance allowing employees to take break but the employees should not misuse about the freedom given and rather utilize it properly in order to succeed in the career.