Dealing with co-workers

In an organization where there is diversity of worker from different regions, caste, cultures and generations. Everyone has a different perception and the outlook for the things going in the organization. It becomes important to set the tuning with each and everyone in order to work as a team. These kinds of differences should not hamper the work environment and not let create the minor cultural or regional groups. Organization forms from the people so it is vital for these people to be in tune for the organization to run successfully.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to handle the co-workers. Times will come when one has to deal with the loud, rude and the insensitive people. These kinds of people decrease the productivity of other employees.  They never tend to listen and continually interrupt in between. Some can be nagging making us fall out of tune with them. It is advisable to not keep their thoughts niggling in your mind.

Those people will continue with their unentertaining activities irrespective of the comfort zone of the other employees. Learn to handle them in the calm and the relaxed manner and do not jump to conclusion of searching for different job. No point of getting angry agitated, aggressive and accusatory. Do not get offended by their ill behavior.

Co-workers are the only people with whom you have to spend more than the majority of your day. For mind to work it has to act creative throughout the day and produce results constantly. If the environment is ill then one cannot give the best optimal results. Generally in the office environment, every task is a team work. Meetings, conferences, presentations, projects, deals, etc. are to be carried out in the team work. Without the support from you team members, one would fail in the task. So it becomes vital to build a healthy relationship with your colleagues, co-workers and desk partners.

It is not just about dealing with co-workers heathily but also equally important to be in synchronized with the boss. Not every boss will bully you but majority of them would just order and never show the real working spirit. One has to be mutual agreement with the responsibility to make the disengaged colleagues or the boss work actively and still stay amiable. Do not Brainstorm with the negative vibes, try and consult immediately.

Being with the positive people enriches our thinking ability and increases our productivity. The healthy environment energizes us to work more and accomplish the targeted goals. In order to build the relation with the colleagues try to set the dinners, take the lunch breaks, work in pair and try to have some days out! Being poised, stylish and quiet intense can make a person very successful at the job.

There should be no space of ego in the workplace between the co-workers. The thumb rule of the professional life asks everyone to participate in the race of being at the top. But to reach there, the ethics and the moral should not be given up. One bad fruit in the basket can spoil the whole basket is the saying that matches here. Every employee should have ability to work as a team member. When you get in tune with your co- worker the completion of work becomes easy.

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It becomes annoying and problematic to work with such kind of people but more than that after a threshold has been reached it becomes impossible. These people may be nice, loving, caring, and war, it becomes difficult to detect. Make sure that you are not the only person who is being targeted. If the visibility of such issue comes up in front of eyes then raise your voice and change the job. Without delay of seconds, try seeking for other jobs matching your preference and job profile. While you take up the other job make sure of the environment and the co-workers.

There are many employees who bemoan the working with a bad manager or a bad boss. The employees feel caged working under the managers who do not believe in getting or giving feedback and taking the response.

In the business it is a myth that multitasking is the ultimate skill one should possess but actually best is to concentrate on the single thing, focusing on one thing increases productivity. Colleagues can sometimes be beneficial as they give a true feedback about you.

One has to give purposeful effort to focus on each person and each situation throughout the day, avoid multi-tasking, and lead from the heart. Avoid the verbal conflict at the work to a possible extent.