Work Stress

It is important to merge work and life, balancing it. Avoid the stress burning routines. We all are surrounded by the stress; it becomes vital to fight against rather than giving up on it. Design the next day routine one day prior let it be at the previous night.

To apply these kinds of small changes would be tough but then it is so essential that one has to. It is necessary to implement some kind of discipline in order to maintain the stress level. It takes time to analyze that no such perfect formula exists for balancing work and life!! All the methods are the trial error, work for some and turn out to be failure for the rest.

These results may not prove to be useful in the initial but in the long run they do show the effective change in one’s life. Over the time person learns to respond strongly not letting the stress overpower.

It is not a rocket science neither it is a perfect science. What one can do is individually implement the methods which give the fruitful results. Ancestors do recommend Yoga for reducing the stress level.

Starting off the day early and sparing some amount of time behind Yoga or investing the morning freshness in the healthy exercise will give you refreshment for the entire day. It is certainly not easy to weave the methods of stress management but the flexibility of designing it ourselves attracts many.

Many people try to imitate the other people’s strategy and then creep about not having difference but they need to understand that everyone is different and best is to do what suits and works for you. It is advisable to take actions against it as soon as it is discovered. Delay might degrade physical and emotional condition, destroying life.

Few effective rituals:

  • Morning Intention & Reflection
  • Workday Triage & Check-In
  • Lunchtime Release & Refuel
  • Mid-Day Stress-Buster
  • Completion
  • Take A Deep Breath
  • Eliminate Interruptions
  • Schedule Your Day For Energy And Focus
  • Eat Right And Sleep Well

You might like to know:

These remedies have proven to be useful for a great mass. There is lot of interruptions and distractions! We need to maintain steady focus throughout the day. Everything needs to get done and still maintain the energy. We experience stress when we feel that situations are out of our control.

Everyone has been the victim of stress; there are different ways in which each person response to stress. The return reaction has a great impact on the life of the person. The reaction to stress depends on their physical or mental make-up, their level of vulnerability, and what is happening in their life.

Stress affects the way one works. In order to be productive at the work, the amount of stress has to be less.  You have to remain enthusiastic in the whole day to be able to take on the entire work load that is offered to you. Completing the task can take one in the eyes of the manager’s, through which one has chance to rise high in the career.

There can be stress management activities and workshops at the workplace by the organization to teach the employees importance of stress management. Company can proactively tackle the risks of stress by informing the employees about its loss. The cost is personal health which is more important than the wealth. It is the legally advisable to employers to take the proper steps in the concern of stress management.  Everyone employee should learn to deal with stress to avoid getting physically or mentally ill.

Not always stress has the negative impact, minor amount of stress can aid in fishing the job within the deadline with high energy. But as the saying goes, Too Much of Good is bad, so it is with the stress. Over stress can dull our ability and dim our zeal to work. It hinders in the communication and causes depression.

To fight against the stress, it is important to know its origin and know about the factors causing it. The common reason for stress at the Job is poor work environment and relation with the employees. Mentioned below are the few symptoms of the Stress:

  •  Feeling faint.
  •  Pounding, fast heart rate.
  •  Feeling hot and sweaty.
  •  Legs turning to jelly.
  •  Butterflies in the stomach.
  •  Shortness of breath.
  •  Dry mouth

Also you may see:

With the cultivation of the stress nature of person becomes hopeless, agitated, anxious, aggressive, and forgetful. With increase of stress self-esteem will lower and concentration skills will become poor for the employee. The employer may suffer from increasing customer complaints, staff turnover and days lost to sickness. High stress lowers the decision making power and the loss of focus from work can make one loose the job and go through unemployment. The optimal way to release the tension of stress is discussing it with a counselor or the friend.

Reason to suffer from stress at the Job:

  •  Demand of workload, work patterns and work environment
  •  Controlof the activities wthin the work pattern
  •  Ill Support and encouragement provided by the organization, line management and colleagues
  •  Dead Relationshipshaving constant conflicts with unacceptable behavior
  •  People not being able to understand, Facing miscommunication
  • Change in management within the organization due to politics.

In today’s era when there are various blooming job opportunities for everyone, no one would like miss a single chance which can help in climbing the ladder of success at a faster pace. So its becomes crucial to manage the stress not letting affect in any manner.