Leaving the Job

One thing that you wouldn’t want to be is a short timer. When you are leaving the job, may it of any type see to it that you are not throwing away the workplace benchmark just because you are done with it. That is completely unprofessional and will do you no good.

If you think that just because you are no longer working there you are free to ill-treat it…


Let’s see few things that we should avoid at any cost when we are leaving a job.

1.No gloating about new offers

Whatsoever job you land up in after the current one, never ever gloat about it. Do not forget your roots. Always remember that the skills and experience that plays major role for your new role were enhanced in the very same place that u think of less now.

If you can’t say good things don’t say bad things at least.

2.No bad mouthing about the colleagues

Never bad mouth your peers no matter what. Be professional about it and avoid insulting them to satisfy your personal vendetta. Showing professional respect to your colleagues is a good trait. Learn it.

3.No leaking out company content

Speaking about your company policies and strategies to other people is a sincere offence. Do not do that. As a former employee it’s your duty to preserve the company’s integrity.

4.Give prior notice to the company

Just because you are leaving the company you should not disrespect the authority of your superiors. Always give prior notice to your head about your resignation. Never inform them after telling everyone. They should be the first one to know.

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5.No bad mouthing about the company

When you cannot bad mouth about the colleagues you cannot definitely say bad things about the company. Getting job at any other place does not make you better. You have to keep in mind that all those things that made you better were directly or indirectly because of the company.

6.Do not degrade the environment

Don’t abuse the place you worked by telling that it was not good enough or the people there are not good or infrastructure is not good. Never think of stealing any piece of the property just to get back at them.

7.Do not insult the pay you used to get

Never say that the company didn’t take enough care of you. You might never know with whom you can work in future. So learn to maintain your dignity by keeping the details to yourself.

All these above factors are important because if you bad mouth your previous company to your new company, chances are that they will feel that you will rat them out in future. That can lower your impression and be a question of trust and loyalty.

So be a professional and respect your work and learn to be better.