Career In Journalism

Journalism is an amalgamation of various activities including writing, editing, broadcasting, printing the news subjects and its other topics. It falls under one of the most intriguing and respected professions today. Their main role is to collect and distribute information in more than one way and let it reach to their audience. This field of career has always been a power packed medium to convey all types of contexts. Recent boom in the digital technology has just added to its power. Proper skills and education in this field can lead to a glorious and respected career. Career in Journalism is full of opportunities. Job scope and Growth in the field are main positive points in this area.

Journalism can be pursued via Bachelor’s, Master’s and Post Graduate Diploma Studies. There are various correspondence courses available to adapt to distance learning trend too. The minimum requirement to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in journalism requires completing 10+2 or equivalent education. Graduates of any stream can opt for a career in Journalism. The Entrance Examination that is necessary is conducted during May-July months every year. This test involves a Written Test which is followed up with Group Discussion and Personal Interview.

Along with the education, practical train holds a lot of importance in this area. There are specialized training periods that one can undergo with various Media Organizations in order to increase one’s career options. Training is given various techniques of Writing and Reporting. There is a compulsory need for internship before one can actually have a job. Its gives one idea of what field in Journalism can be suitable. Preferences get cleared.

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The qualities of creative writing and understanding, innovative style to create articles and news and an eye to catch everything is very necessary. Confidence, Inquisitiveness, Accuracy, Impartiality, Truthfulness etc. are few of the building blocks that any individual who wants a bright career in Journalism requires.

Various types of fields that make up entire Journalism are:

  • Print Journalism
  • Radio and Television Journalism
  • Advertisements and Public Relations
  • Communication Management
  • Tabloid and Photo Journalism

Various traditional and modern institutes help in boosting your career by reputed jobs offered in there. NDTV, Discovery, BBC, The CNN, The Times of India, The Economic Times etc. are few of the traditional platforms.

Mostly the salary of a journalist vastly depends on the institution that he works for. Usually, a journalist with an experience of four and above age earns average of 2.5 lac per annum. It all depends on the organization and the city that you work in. Experienced Professional can earn up to 7 lac if the organization is well reputed. Other incentives and benefits are added along with the pay package.

The more you work hard and with unique content, the more you will get better in your field. It is all in the hands of individual how to make use of the opportunities available. If you work with an unstoppable drive and talent then you can also achieve the level where most successful journalists of our times have reached.