Distance Learning Education

We live in the time where technology is ruling everything. Things are made easier and accessible. One such thing that seems to be so much in trend is the idea of Distance Learning Education. As much as it is a blessing to students across various fields, they still have confusion regarding its concept. Most time students are not sure regarding the benefits and challenges of it. The advantage over the value of distance learning programs in most cases depends on the student. Few of the advantages and disadvantages of this system are discussed below:

Pros of Distance Learning Education:


The reign to the complete timeline of your course is in your hand. As there are no fix timings for the classes, you can arrange them according to your job timings and other work. It won’t be a hindrance. Some institutes even offer flexible degree plans that you can design according to your convenience.

 Saves Time & Energy:

When you don’t have to travel all the way to your institute every day, it saves your time and energy in huge way. Because of the technological advances, the course material and all the assignments and everything else is available handy any place. So you don’t have to allocate special time for it and you can work according to the preference.


More than often times the cost of a Distance Learning Program is inexpensive compared to the real courses. Even if the courses are expensive, the money spent behind housing and meal plans are no worry cases. So it’s definitely cost efficient.

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If you have an access to computer, you can work and study from just about anywhere. This is the best advantage of distance learning system.

 No hindrance in work:

One can always design their own learning schedule and assignments plans around the work hours in such a way that both are manageable.

 No Travel Expenses:

Distance Learning Education kind of offers you a virtual classroom everywhere you go. One doesn’t have to travel long distances to attend lectures or anything. It saves a lot of expense. The classroom is just a click away.

 Cons of Distance Learning:

 Not valued by all employers:

Even though the idea of Distance Learning is at its peaks, many employers still prefer the degree taken under the regular classroom environment. It still follows the taboo that the students taking this program are not persistent.

 No campus environment:

One of the best things about studying in the university/college is the campus life. Unfortunately Distance Learning doesn’t offer that. To get the flexibility one has to make adjustments to leave few or most of the college experience.

 Lack of Social Life:

Lack of campus environment follows to Lack of Social Life. As there is no actual personal interaction or know how to anyone there is no actual social life out of its virtual world.

 Technology oriented:

As most of the interaction is in the virtual world, one has to be computer savvy to know and access all the things it has to offer. To make most of it, one should at least know basic know how of using a computer and other technical devices.

Even after all the Pros and Cons it still depends on the individual how they approach it. Even though there are certain confusions and drawbacks to it, the idea of distance learning is gaining popularity. If made use of it sincerely and up to the mark, distance learning can be quite advantageous.