Successful Interview

Though a person has appeared more than 10 times for the interview yet there are high chances of the candidate to lose confidence and face the failure. The purpose of the interview is to filter single candidate from the various job applicants for the available job position. To crack a successful interview, it is advisable to go through certain important points.

Points for Successful Interview:

It is not necessary that you answer all the questions right, but whatever you answer must be acceptable and sensible and should match the context.

There are undoubtedly other aspects employers may look for in relation to specific posts like having own unique ideas, thinking on their feet etc. which are preferable for the company and position that one has applied for.

It is important to gather the potential knowledge about the position you are sitting for before the interview, so that you sound informative when the questions regarding the job profile and the position are fired. Try to be aware about the interview pattern so that you don’t get nervous on the spot spoiling the opportunity.

Confirm and re-confirm the interview time, date and location so that no misunderstanding occurs. In order to reach before the scheduled time, it is advisable to get the route map of the place given to avoid conflict and confusion about searching the place, leading to waste of time. If you find yourself in a situation where there are chances for you to get late, then professionalism suggest calling the organization and pre inform them.

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Carry the details of the person to be contacted upon you reaching the organization which aids in communicating with company staff. Cross check for all the required documents! Carry the portfolio along with the some extra copies of your CV and your photographs.

Stay relaxed, calm and let the nervousness within you go before the interview. It is a mark of a professional candidate to switch off the electronic gadgets like cellphone, laptop, etc. before getting into the interview room.

The key to crack the interview successfully is the quality of your behavior and modesty in your responses. The delivery of your body language also leaves a deep impact on the interviewers.

Greet the interview as soon as you enter the conference room and do the handshake. Take the chair, sit upright and sound alerted. The facial expression you give should project you as a sincere person.

Be truthful about your skills and showcase talent, mention your experience, explain why you fit in for the job in simple and concise words. Remain focused about the context being discussed while being candid and assertive about the answers you give, the authenticity in your character will strongly influence the hirers. The kind action you choose for conveying your talks will stimulate the similar kind result.

Be enthusiastic and participative, don’t let other perceive you as ignorant. Try raising the thought provoking questions. Let your speech be loud and clear at the same time remain gentle along with soft spoken. Avoid being fast and intend to abstain from the usage of verbal ticks. Do not remain silent but refrain from being talkative.

Having the body language which keeps the interviewer engaged positively is paramount.

While talking have the constant eye-contact which should have the pleasing appeal and let the hiring panel never distract from you. Keep your ears open, and present yourself as an active listener, nodding each time the interviewer takes a pause for your reaction. Avoid the detrimental forms of the body language which has high potential of you being rejected. Previous experience should be discussed with the affirmation, inhaling the derogatory remarks of the past colleagues. Dead air should be smartly skipped. Do not discuss the leisure activities but remember to discuss the previous works done by you.

Do not under-estimate yourself. Speak more about the attributes you have which makes you worthy candidate for the job position. Show the confidence on your face but avoid being arrogant and make your queries and doubt clear before the interview ends. Common courtesy and the politeness should shower at the end of the interview by thanking each and every present in the room.

Don’t let the fake discouragement steal your motivation! It might just be a test to try your patience and worthiness for the respective job position.

If it is the Telephonic interview, then immediately shift yourself to the silent place where there is no noise disturbance. The battery should be fully charged to avoid the disconnection of ongoing call. Let your throat be clear, and save yourself from the continuous coughs. Speak each word clearly and let the pace of speaking be normal, do not interrupt when the interviewer in speaking which will create hindrance to both the parties involved in the calling.

For the Video interview, criteria remain same, but make sure the place you choose to sit in should be proper, so that the background that showcase in the video is bright enough to represent you clearly. It is a video call, so remember to dress professionally. Ensure the net connectivity is strong which makes the video crystal clear.

If you have been called for the Second Interview, which many company takes, then be consistent in your previous answers of last interview.

Following the tips mentioned above in the article, raises your chance to grab the opporutunity for the vacant job positions!! Convincing the interviewer that you are perfectly suitable for the offered job title is an ability that one should be capable of.