Job Offer

We become ecstatic when our hard work pays off and we get selected in an interview. It happens that, in the happiness of the moment we accept the job offer without putting much consideration into it. As it’s a cut throat competitive world out there, we feel lucky to land up in any type of job and are very much eager to take it on. It’s wrong on many levels. Working on any job marks important phase of your life. You cannot give a blind eye to such decision. So before accepting any offer there are things that you should give a thought or two. Just a little reflection on the prospectus can change a lot for you.

Few things to take in account while Prioritizing Job Offer are:

The Salary:

For many out there salary is not that important. But I consider it one of the most important things to think through before taking up the job. Your salary is your support system. Know if it will be enough to support you. Also consider if the company is willing to pay you according to your qualification and the work. Research on the company before you apply. Know the average salary prospect for the post you have applied. This will help you to negotiate for your own word. You can go through various negotiation techniques and apply those hands on.

You might also like to know about:

Work Environment:

Work Environment is a crucial factor to consider. The superiors and your peers will be the group with whom you’ll be spending major time of your day. If the environment is not friendly or comfortable even, it can be problematic. If you build a dislike towards your work environment then chances are you will be silent and won’t enjoy your work even if it’s a job you love. And later on you will start hating your job. So when you go for an interview try and grasp on to the behavior of your superiors. If you get to know the crews then try to know their interaction and approach towards you. You will know by your instincts if it’s the right place or not.

Growth prospects:

You got the job and that’s good. Before taking up do consider the impact it will have on your future. Usually previous jobs done are an important mark on the resume. See to it that the job you take will benefit your resume. Also see to it that it will teach and train you sharpening your skills. Growth prospects in your own field and as an individual are a must in any job that you do.

Benefits and incentives:

Along with the salary, look into your offer letter for the other incentives and benefits that you will be offered. Check out if you need any of the dental or health insurances? Many of the companies provide insurance and allowance facilities along with employee discounts at various places. If such things are not provided, ask yourself if they are important, if they are not then adjust yourself. If they are then talk to the concerned person and put your thoughts forward.


You might think that job location is something you can ignore. But you can’t. Your job location is as important as any of the things that make up your job. If your work place is very much far away from your place it can be a problem. Time and money consumption will be high. Plus you will feel irritated and drained by the time you reach office. Before you accept the job, know if transportation allowances are provided or not if it’s a faraway place. Study the roads leading to your work place. Know if you can commute through those paths without fear at any time of day or night. Think through it properly and take your decision.

After going through the above points, you will be easily able to make a right decision for yourself. If the job feels right, accept the offer. If it doesn’t, you can always look for another job opportunity. Getting a job late is better than ending into a bad one. If your circumstances are manageable, you should think thoroughly before accepting any job offer.