Reference for Interview

“What other say about you is far more important than what you speak about yourself”

The reason behind why the employers ask for the reference is that sometimes, maybe majority times, the candidates skip telling about the weakness and about the area where they lack knowledge. Also employers or the hiring managers want to know the general behavior of candidate in the high pressure working environment. A single positive reference can boosts your chance for getting the job in the company.

It is a common tendency that no one will ever speak badly about oneself and the personal contacts or friends with refrain from unveiling the negative factors. To overcome this emotional limitation, professional network people are contact to have the candid and loosed lip review. The professional people will not hesitate in revealing the true facts. To have a clear vision of your personality, employers try to contact the past company or the referrals suggested! To avoid the vision deception, this procedure referencing becomes necessary.

The other reason why the employers would ask for the reference would be cross-checking if you have actually worked where you are telling and how you were as an employee to them. Did you manage your responsibilities well enough for the company or not.

The number of references will vary according to the company and their criteria but it is required to have the two. References are the usually the people who know you and have worked with you in the professional environm. They give the feedback about you to the company intending to hire you.

Try choosing form the previously employees with whom you were recently working. It would be more beneficial if your references work in the same sector as you do. Giving name of the employee who has worked in other department but was friend is of no worth. It depends on whether it is your first job or you are an experienced.

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If you are a fresher then you can choose from personal contacts. Teachers or the lectures can work well if they can vouch for your general attitude and educational quotient.If you think person you have requested for the reference is good choice then you are surely to fetch the job. It cannot be just the colleagues but also ex-clients can be good referrals. The reference is for getting the unbiased review about the candidate. Anyone who has known you fair enough to give your guarantee can be approached for giving the reference.

Do not overuse the same names again and again or frequently. Think out of the box of how to get references; do not sit ideal losing hope if you are unable to get a proper person whom you can request for the reference. Trying to find the referrals through the social professional network is much easier these days as they all know about your latest career updates.

If you already have the references ready then do now showoff about that in your CV, it is a negative factor. You can try mentioning small statement at the end of the resume about the availability of the references. Having the solid reference is really lucrative for getting a new job.

Make your reference list ready, so as whenever company asks for it, you can immediately send the ready sheet without wasting any time! Whenever you are on job hunt, it is advisable to ask for the people who you want as a reference.

Before sending the list, ask your choice of references how would they like to be contacted!!  Not only getting reference but also contacting them but convincing them is also a tough task. Draft a professional mail and leave to the selected references. Only if they do not respond back, try calling them for the follow up! Put the efforts in the correct manner which can aid you land the desired job. The call should be an approach only when you know them really close or when you are urgently in need. Advice notice is a better option than avoiding the rush in the eleventh hour! You can also visit the person and let them about the new job position you are applying for. If you have no reference then try to create some by participating in the professional events, attending seminars or applying for the internships. Short term work or the part time job can be beneficial.

It is a gesture of kindness by dropping a thank you note when you have successful get a new job.