Get Noticed At Work

Doing the monotonous and regular work is not enough, it is equally important to get noticed at work. Following the few recommended ways to get noticed at work can help you achieve your dream at the soonest. Coming into the eye of the upper management is of high value. It is not about the new or the old employee but what matters is your performance. One has to visible in the work to receive the rewards, awards, promotions etc. It is mandatory to be in the thoughts of the people you work with. Prove yourself by excelling at each and every task given to you. Do not work till you are promoted to one level higher, set the long term goal and for that you need to maintain sincere efforts after you get promotion.

Reach the office five minutes prior to the scheduled time. Being punctual should be the rule of thumb. Take out some time for relaxation before starting the work, so that entire day you can work effectively. Interruption and the Distractions should be strongly curbed, and social media tabs should never be opened, do not misuse office network for the personal benefit. It is a negative sign. Avoid losing the attention from work.

Show that you are specialist and not just the generalist. Organizations sometimes prefer one above the other for each of them has its pros and cons. Selection criteria of candidate vary from one company to another. Take the initiative to complete the lingering task of the organization. Avoid piling and stocking up the work. Finish it soon but with the quality outcome.

Whatever is the daily task, give the excellent performance in that. Look for how can you add value to your organization by going beyond your ways. What task or activity comes up, try to volunteer it. By volunteering or participating in the events, you can have chance to interact with the higher managing authority. Also try helping the other employees in the projects where you get chance to reflect your abilities.

It is beneficial to check for:

Try to improvise upon your mistake and learn from the past experience. Not just being early but if ever needed show the willingness to stay little late than the usual. Be respectful to everyone at your workplace, don’t let arrogance overpower you. Maintain the politeness in the work and the speech. If you know you have all the credentials that can give you promotion then do not choose the black ways to get the fast traction at work. Be ethical and there will be ways for you to achieve the promotion. Keep the confidence within boosting you.

It becomes vital to plan a career development strategy and sometimes when feasible, share it with the higher managerial department. It is indeed crucial to take the feedback from your managers. Avoid being defensive and take the response in the healthy manner. Share your success with boss, highlighting your performance. It is disheartening that you work for long hours every day putting lot of efforts but then you fail in getting promotions. Sometimes being aggressive is helpful but also can doom your career. Being aggressive doesn’t mean here to talk harshly with others but it means to have fire within you for the career rise. Unless you take the responsibility to build your career, no one will ever pay attention to it.  You need to be keen and always look up for the coming opportunities.

First impression is the last impression, is what suits here. Dress professionally and suitably will give you lot of admirations. Be in the front always whenever there is party or any professional event going on. Try to interact with the people at the event and utilize these occasions to get in personal contact and have the personal touch. Let the humorous side come out, spreading fun and creating the live atmosphere. Do not avoid any such events, attend maximum of it, it helps in building connections.

Learn how to mingle with your colleagues and have the flexible nature which adjusts with everyone working around you. The helping nature of yours will always shine up, do not wait for someone to come up to you and ask for help.Stand upfront for proving company that you are a valuable asset. Make manager or your senior colleague your mentor and try to learn from their experience.

What makes an impact here is how you endorse yourself. You do not continuously promote yourself but then you just cannot sit ideally doing your work. Marketing and branding the same is important in the recent times. Don’t be shy, speak for your rights if you know your worth and aware of you being the deserving candidate. Do not let you be taken as granted, it is also necessary to maintain some attitude. No one should have that much audacity to snatch away your work from you.

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Everyone has different personalities and each personality traits have own merits and demerits. Introverts need not fear, they should not be afraid of not being recognized. Everyone is intelligent and talented in their own respective fields and sometimes actions speak louder than words. Having own innovative ideas at the work place can be of great help in being noticed. In the modern world, where there are rapid changes for anyone heading for career enhancement has to keep oneself update with the latest trends of the market. Introverts have to do a bit more hard work compared to the extroverts but their unique strengths can raise their bar of level. Disadvantage with the extroverts is that various times, speaking extra spoils up the entire hard work, abstain from trash talks. At such times it is advantageous if the work speaks for itself rather than you promoting. Make a strong and healthy relationship with the people who can aid in your career advancement. It is always be beneficial to be an apple of eye of the higher managers.

It is normally a layman belief that one who keeps taking credits for the work is tagged as a narcissist but the harsh real word where there is race for the economic gain compels one to do so or else it would not take time for someone else to rob off your hard work in their name. Never get out of shadow because of the cunning nature of someone else. Be witty enough to fight for your work; do not let anyone fly past over your projects. Never miss the opportunity which can dim the spot light on you. It is offensive for the success of your career if you keep changing jobs.

In the rush of proving yourself, do not let other label you as self-promoter and over-ambitious. Your growth in organization is often dictated by the other people’s perception about you.