Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering comprises of three dynamic fields of today’s modern world, which are electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. Electrical Engineers have cream minds which are spread over all the Engineering fields giving them sharp and keen knowledge about the pros and cons of each field.

The job description of the Electrical Engineers enforces them to undertake the responsibility of designing, developing and maintaining the electricity based or controlled systems /devices which should fit within the specified criteria of the required given specifications while maintaining the cost efficiency in such a way that it is affordable for all.

The products made by them has be environment friendly and safe to use. The products made should be reliable and should ensure a significant amount of quality sustaining for a long time.

They have to smartly underpin the electrical components into system or devices which use electricity. They can be responsible for making a small part of product or they can even be part of a complete life cycle for making a new product or they can also work at a stage which modifies the old product. The products can vary in all shapes and sizes. There is no specific limit on the products.

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They have to specifically design and manufacture equipment’s which are useful in all the sectors. The most preferred sectors for Electrical Engineers to work in are:-

  • The building industry and services, including lighting, heating and ventilation
  • Transportation and transport networks
  • Manufacturing and construction
  • Production and distribution of power

Electrical engineering job is of the kind, which makes electrical engineers to be involved in all the stages from the start to end. I.e. concept and detail of the design through to implementation, testing and handover. They may also be involved in maintenance programmes. Electrical engineers have to focus on the power supply and generation.

The gap between the analytical and creativity has to be filled. Below mentioned skills are required in order to progress in the carrier.

  • Technical knowledge
  • Multitasking skill
  • Commercial awareness
  • Team leadership
  • Management skills
  • Science and math
  • Computer skills

It a job with lot of pressure, one needs to know how to handle with ease. There can stressful as well as the leisure job which includes travelling.  Responsibilities of Electrical Engineer in terms of job-description vary greatly according to the size and type of employer:

  • To prepare on project specifications, budgets and timescales
  • To discuss and make the clients agree
  • To research on relevant topic
  • To implementing designs
  • To undertake test and procedures
  • To testing, evaluating, modifying and re-testing products
  • To write reports and documentation
  • To analyze and interpret data
  • To meet with client and suppliers

To climb the ladder of success it is important to hold the bachelor’s Degree in the Electrical Engineering field after the graduation. With this degree in hand, the advancement in career is easy and rapid. With the advancement in career, it is possible to get high salary in the Electrical Engineering field. If one is interested and wants to reach up to higher designations, it is beneficiary to undergo a master’s program and acquire masters or doctoral degree.

Degrees offered in the field include Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering are:

  • Bachelor of Engineering with concentration in electrical engineering
  • Master of Science in Electrical Engineering,
  • Master of Engineering with concentration in electrical engineering
  • Doctorate of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering

Computer science, physics, chemistry, mathematics and statistics are the basic subjects one must opt, if they want to graduate as Electrical Engineer.

Most of the electrical engineers work in the multi-disciplinary project team which is likely to include engineers from the other specialist areas including architects, marketing and sales person, manufacturers, technicians, customer service personnel.

Electrical engineer based on capabilities or abilities are either involved in all the stages or only in one stage!

List of Activities:

  • To identify requirements of customer
  • To give the design of various systems and products
  • To read specifications of design
  • To analyze the technicality of drawings
  • To research on feasible solutions
  • To estimate for efficient costs
  • To undertake work in limited timescales
  • To use automated software for modeling and prototype
  • To work in all standards
  • To corporate with design team
  • To work with clients and contractors
  • To attend on site meetings
  • To carry out tests with test data
  • To suggest modifications
  • To advice for retesting products
  • To finalize the product or system
  • To maintain equipment by regular servicing
  • To prepare product documentation
  • To write reports and giving presentations
  • To monitor a product in use
  • To improve on future design

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After reaching a stature, if one is yet not contempt about its field, then Engineering field of Electrical Engineering within itself offers SPECIALIZATION. By choosing one of these fields, one can make its carrier path strong!

  • Electronics
  • Digital computers
  • Power engineering
  • Telecommunications
  • Control systems
  • Radio-frequency engineering
  • Signal processing
  • Instrumentation and microelectronics
  • Power electronics

In Bangalore there are many job opportunities in the Electrical Engineering, this region of Karnataka offers job opportunities to for both fresher as well the experienced Electrical Engineer. The salary range in this zone is usually Rs 268,497 – Rs 1,112,621. The Electrical Engineers are paid approximately from Rs 148,881 – Rs 1,052,009.

Maharashtra has various job opportunities for the electrical engineers but majority of which summarizes within the Pune. The salary range is Rs 276,028 – Rs 1,184,666 for Electrical Engineering jobs in Pune. The jobs are lined up in numbers if you search for one. The opportunity to rise increases with the increasing job numbers.  Electrical Design Engineer is paid Rs 166,873 – Rs 1,409,390 if he/she has done the Electrical Engineering.

Chennai is not the only Job Hub of Tamil Nadu but it provides an attractive salary range from Rs 173,300 – Rs 925,139, which makes it the favorite place for both the employer and job seeker. The approximate salary of Senior Electrical Engineer is around Rs 264,000 – Rs 1,339,106. There are various opportunities in this region for both male and female including fresher’s as well as experienced.

Mumbai gives its electrical engineers salary between Rs 245,215 – Rs 1,415,840. The approximate salary of a Project Engineer in Mumbai Rs 112,540 – Rs 868,966. The fresher’s have high chance of grabbing a job as there is lot of vacancies in different companies.

In Hyderabad the scale for the salary is between Rs 291,674 – Rs 1,139,346. There is lot of upcoming job opportunities for Electrical Engineering in Hyderbad region of Andhra Pradesh as well. The approximate salary for the designation of the Project Manager, Engineering is around Rs 425,743 – Rs 2,130,464 in this zone. The fresher’s have equal chance of grabbing the position as the availability of jobs is more compared to the demand.

The salary for the female’s usually range between Rs 203,440 – Rs 992,140 whereas for the male the salary scale lies between  Rs 247,074 – Rs 1,169,958, initially being low for a fresher and gradually increasing with the experience.