Bio Medical Engineering

Biomedical is the term related to the health care, biomedical engineer being the person who deals with the healthcare products through the implementation of engineering laws in the biological world of the modern medicine! They are the specialized people who develop new products with the help of engineering principles and use advancement in technology.

Biomedical engineering comprises of two fields completely contrast from one another yet converging comprising of the benefits of each of them. It is developing field in recent days increasing the demand of the bio-medical engineers!! It is a field which will never go out of sight as nowadays everyone is cautious about HEALTH.

New inventions in technology influences Biomedical Engineering in order to improve the living of humans! Innovations keep coming in this field, so the engineers need to have naked eyes open all the time.

Biomedical engineers are the ocean of knowledge. They hold the insights from all the sectors such as Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering Statistics, and Computer Science. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology are the bricks of the building! They are called as either Bio/Design/Clinical Engineers.

The working of the Biomedical Engineer too spans in diversified areas from technical to non-technical such as sales, service, customer dealing, maintenance and management. Biomedical Engineers get opportunities to work with certified doctors as well as biologist.

Working environment in the Biomedical Engineering can be hospital or laboratory or manufacturing Firms, Offices or Universities. There can often be continuous travel if one is in non-technical job.

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Biomedical Engineers give market latest medical instruments with high advanced technology. This makes them undergo the research work for a long time before they can go the actual development.

The fields of Biomedical Engineering:

  • medical instrument
  • prosthetic devices and artificial organs
  • therapeutic and diagnostic medical equipment’s
  • clinical equipment’s
  • micro-implants
  • imaging devices like MRIs and EEGs
  • renewal tissue growth
  • therapeutic biological and pharmaceutical drugs
  • laser eye treatments
  • pacemakers

The passionate Biomedical Engineer can opt for further specialization into the field of Biomedical Imaging and Electronics under which comes magnetism, radiology, ultrasonography. Bionic is one of the developing subfield of Biodmedical Engineering which teaches replacement of artificial body part, and has in-depth study of the human anatomy inclusive of body functions. Genetic and Cellular Engineering is also emerging field for specialization teaching DNA technology including techniques of molecular transformation and cloning. The other fields like Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials, Biomechanics, Clinical Engineering, Neuron Engineering, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Cardiovascular Engineering and Systems Physiology are also worth of choosing for the specialization.

Undertaking the graduation of B.Eng in the biomedical engineering is of high value these days. The study impresses the students to an extent that the pursue master in the same field by doing MS or M.Tech.Those who are keen for the research field can reach up to doctorate level by gaining the Ph.D. degree.

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The work done by a biomedical engineer can be summarized as:

  • To design new products
  • To install, maintain and troubleshoot
  • To calculate efficiency
  • To use resource optimally
  • To solve problems of the engineering field
  • To study medical science inclusive biology
  • To improve health care
  • To diagnose a disease and suggest solution
  • To provide therapy
  • To supervise the solutions
  • To research for the development

To be a renowned Bio-medical Engineer, it is important to fill the gap between the analytical and technical skills!! Analysis should be powerful having strong concepts of mathematics and problem-solving ability. Listening capability should enhance communication skills.

Earning of a Biomedical Engineer is Rs 239,463 per year on an average. There indeed is various Biomedical Engineering job opportunities in the Chennai and other cities of India. Job opportunities are also more towards the Bangalore in the field of Biomedical Engineering.There are high chances of salary to be high if you show the consistent performance and the constant involvement. Equipment maintenance is the key skill to bonus the salary. For those who have done MS in the Bio-medical Eng., salary can take start off from Rs.1000000.Gender ratio is 1:3, males being dominant!