Work Place Comparision

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”

Comparing yourself to others’ accomplishments is like losing a battle. You are special, and not an exact replica of anyone else. So therefore copying other’s skill and talent is of no use. Try to make a conscious effort to free yourself from comparisons. When the thought of the comparison comes up then divert mind and change surrounding. Resist yourself from comparing. The biggest comparison is the one with you. It is setting the bench marks for oneself. Having the personality trait of comparison is kind of character flaw. Learn to celebrate the accomplishments and victory of yourself and others. Spread the positive vibes at the work among the co-workers.

Comparison is unfair; it always leaves one to be strong and the other to be weak. The resulting outcome of the comparison can be positive or the negative making someone to be better or the worse compared to the others. Be content to be simply you. Comparison compels one to focus in wrong direction and wrong person leading to produce negative thoughts and energy.

Appreciate what you have and show gratitude for others and yourself. Focus on sharpening your skills. Set the goals and work towards its accomplishments.

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What one has to understand is good things can’t be quantified. There is no count or the marking of how good one is at a specific task. So comparison is a waste of time, it is advisable not to put efforts and energy in it, rather utilize the time in doing something productive. Everyone is unique is the fact that has to be understood by all. Put sincere efforts and become intimately aware of your own successes. Nourish and nurture your talent polishing your skills.

Comparison gives no gain; it is simply showers loss in the performance. While comparing yourself with your co-workers, you can also lose their valuable friendship and trust. Comparing yourself to other is not fruitful because the scenario says that it is comparing your weakness with other’s strengths.

The journey of comparison is endless with no destination. Constant comparison make one suffer from resentment, lowering the self-esteem. It makes one deprive of joy and enjoyment. It welcomes and shelters the unhappiness. The happiness for the success of achieving or accomplishing goal vanishes behind the evil thoughts of knocking the other person down. Aim on your accomplishments, avoid getting others down and concentrate more on reaching top. It spreads the negatives vibes and creates the negative impact which has harmful effect on the mind, body and soul. It is important to replace the negative thoughts with the positive ones. Once a person has encountered a failure, then self-confidence falls greatly, it is recommendable to boosts the moral and motivates yourself rather than preferring destructing thoughts.

Comparison is a foolish man’s job. An ideal mind is devil’s home. Keep yourself busy enough in the constructive task and disallow the degrading thoughts to enter your mind. It is always a better option to inspire from the great personalities near your surrounding environment, take inspirations from their positive traits, and follow idols. When we idealize someone we start following that person rejecting the characteristics that are not appealing to us. Try to learn from them and improve upon your mistakes or the areas where you lack. Work on improving your abilities.  Judge yourself by your own set up standards. Do not try to finish the tasks in haste and end up doing things wrong, Work at your pace.

Keep in mind no one is perfect and never forget it. Avoid developing the inferiority complex, because it affects your whole character. Emotional, Verbal and Physical abuse during the work should be avoided as it results in the long-lasting, psychologically damaging effects on a person. Everyone equally deserves to have acceptance of all.  Any kind of discrimination like ethnic background, genetic makeup, sexual orientation, disabilities or skin color is not tolerable. Do not get so involved in the comparison that you start using the ruthless and unethical tactics to get the opponent down.

The network you build during should be supportive during your downfall to help you stand up and face the hardships. They should be able to cultivate the enthusiasm within you to rise up again and give power to prove yourself. Comparison at time can lead you to unemployment and you may have to once again start from square one to find the best suitable jobs.

One should abstain from the effects of the social media, and the bad mouth words should be strongly ignored or pretended to unheard to protect the sanctity of your being. To rank among the toppers is nice but comparison with those already there is not a sign of omen.

To avoid comparing oneself from others, it is important to know from where it originated, and know the crux of it. Finding the source is of great importance in order to the eradicate the dark shades of the comparison. For that, you have to pay attention and know how to view yourself. Identity your own behavioral changes by comparing it with past in accordance with some events. Assess your self-esteem, keep your personality strong, disallowing others to give opinion about you. Even if they comment do not let it affect you. To keep a track about you write down comparative thoughts. Try finding out the origin of comparative behavior.

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There are endless people in the world, and each time you try to compete, you would fail because someone would have done something better each time. Once you have the habit of comparing yourself then it is a road trip with no end. You would be obsessed with the continuous thoughts of winning not able to act well in the direction of achieving success.

Ways to Stop Comparison at Work:

  •  Do not let yourself get distracted
  •  Appreciate your skill and talent
  •  Neglect your weakness
  •  Highlight your strengths
  •  Keep your journey going on
  •  Spread love and kindness
  •  Bring Awareness

Employees who are each other’s competitors strive hard to either raise their rank or in the competition they tend to lower their reputation. Giving workers the feedback can be helpful as well as problematic. The performance review can have the negative effect on their work in turn affecting the work instead of the positive improvement. Rather than comparing yourself it is always better to set your own goals and then try to achieve it. Track your progress; keep an eye on your progress and setbacks for your own betterment.