Approach Company for Job

Companies most commonly use recruitment agencies to find staff. Implementing Recruitment Management System which accepts potential candidate CV’s online is getting more popular nowadays and is preferred by many companies these days for hiring candidates for the available jobs in India.

The other platforms used by the company can be Printing Advertisement , Social and Professional Networks, Job Portals (, It is India’s new and largest job portal ) which are getting more common with the awareness of social media, and of course referrals to find the suitable candidates. Companies also have the option of advertising job openings on their website, and in majority cases they prefer it.

Be sure of the field you sought work in. Having double thoughts in your mind is of no good. Use sleuth skills to get the doubts sulked out of mind. Having decided on which field to opt for, it is advisable to research about the target company. Research plays a key role here. Employers get impressed and it shows that you are learning about the company as you have interest in joining.

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Find if that company has opening. Prepare your resume for the company meeting skills and requirements. Do not make an unsolicited visit or telephone call to company without having the proper prior knowledge. Cold Calling degrades the impression. Calling the company everyday can be little daunting, but ray of hope should be alive.

Keep a regular visit on the company’s website to check for the current openings on their career page. Also try visiting the company on the LinkedIn, following them.

The most popular in the recent time is connecting with the company through the job portals, which acts as Interface between the job seekers and the job providers. Visit popular job boards which have partnership with the big companies, through which you can connect with your targeted company and keep a regular check on their job openings.  If something comes up matching your profile, then you can directly apply.

If possible try to network with people within the company. Networks’ strengthen the prospects of getting jobs in better companies. Word of mouth and the affirmative recommendations are the most powerful tools, which can aid in getting the job faster.  Avoid the grapevines from being spread about you through your referrals.

If you know someone who is currently working for the company, contact them and ask them if they could endorse or recommend you.

There may be speculations in your mind about the company profile namely its working and culture, so it is strongly recommended to clear all of them before applying or approaching.

Avoid mailing on general address and directly to HR without opening, and abstain from calling them. But using the opportunity, sending them mail at the right shows you are proactive and committed. You have to keep contacting various recruiters before you could get success.

Waiting for the advertisements can be beneficial as well as not worthy. It is the situational response. Contacting a recruitment agency that specializes in your industry will help you fetch jobs much faster.

Companies would definitely trash the spammers, so pitch carefully your application. Scatter gunning the application letters is not a good idea. You need to aim the correspondence and make the recipient feel special. Otherwise they will put your letter in the bin or delete your email. Keep your CV short and precise to the point.

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Applying for jobs is not so difficult except for situations having no vacancy. Because there are times when the job positions are filled before they could be advertised.

Sticking on one job searching pattern is going to give no gain. You should always try different job techniques from the best ways to find jobs like tapping your network, attending events, usage of social medium which will help you reach your destination at a faster rate.

Speculative approach is about the direct approach to the company. It can be used when the exact job designation that you are searching for presently is not vacant in your choice of company.

Success of the mentioned different Ways to Approach Company for Jobs in India is dependent on:

  1. Choice of correct target firm
  2. Writing Resume Effectively
  3. Understanding the requirements and needs
  4. Spontaneous to accept challenges
  5. Having referral who is currently employed in the company

Plan a strategy before directly approaching. Don’t just take the initiative but it should be perceived as if you are striving hard to get the job.

Ring or write to the HR manager explaining why you are a valuable asset and sniff out their personal requirements. Keep in contact because it may be that the seeds you have sown don’t come to fruition until much later.

The approach involves both the advantages and the disadvantages. The merits are the decreased competition. Also it is cheapest way to hire as no advertising fee is involved, and one has the freedom to shape the role with vacancy not defined.

Long and tedious struggle to approach the company can be one of the demerits. There is no assured guarantee and consumes lot of time span. You have to endorse and sell yourself showing that you have lot to offer so that they that take for the available job position or keep in mind for the future vacant positions. They won’t know they need you unless you make them believe. Contacting the right person at the right time is vital.