Career Advice

Everyone wants to rise in career, but it is not that simple! There are some valuable career advice, which no one would have ever told but following them can make anyone reach the desired stature. Mentioned below are few such career advice:

1.Don’t just be expert at your own field

Being pro at your job is definitely good but it’s not enough. You need to keep thinking out of the box to survive, compete and be valuable to your institution. That is a sure success maker. Just don’t do your job. Make things around happen.

2.Your workplace and people in it are important

People often say that the place that you work for is not so important if you are paid well. It’s a wrong notion. Most of the time people with whom you work and the company for which you work are extremely important.

Most of your market value and your importance are based on who’s who of your sector. Of course your hard work is accounted for but the status is important too.

3.Make sure your heart and mind are on same page

Be extremely precise of how you want to build your career. Being in doubts about your goals can be extremely fatal. “Adjusting the masts according to the winds” can’t be used here. Out there is dangerous competition. You need to start planning way ahead to make sure when your education is over, you see your goals getting fulfilled. Keep your heart and mind synced on the goal choices you keep. A conflict can create mess. Avoid that.

4.Do not be arrogant

Be polite or it can get you kicked out of your job faster than you can say “sorry”.

5.Being Busy? No!

Being busy is not always the sign of hard work. Sometimes trying too hard can degrade your impression. Learn smart work. If you always take too much concentration power and time to complete your work it shows that you lack innovation and are not ready to take more responsibilities.

6.Made mistakes? Accept and Improve

As you already know, Nobody’s Perfect. Don’t try to glamour your flaws. Do not try to bluff out your mistakes and failures. Show them and accept them and strive to be better. That will show to your seniors and peers that you have a heart to take risk. It also shows that you accept your flaws and live eradicate them. Always be on “improve and innovate” mode.

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There are few extra points to remember:

➤Never insult people who work under you.

➤Always be curious about everything. Do not hesitate to ask questions where its necessary.

➤Always follow your passion even if it’s something way too small. If you are really passionate about it, you will soon realize that it can be very helpful.

➤Be a part of the social rituals. Being alone and not being participative will get you nowhere.

➤Avoid making enemies up to the maximum extent you can.

➤Learn to handle smaller things first before grabbing on to something big. Little efforts tend to lead us to Bigger opportunities.

➤Do not blindly follow all advice you get. Listen to all but use you brain and follow it appropriately.

➤Always keep check on the company you keep.

➤Learn to make proper use of the social media. It has more to it then uploading selfies and chatting with friends.