Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering is the field of engineering which is lucrative in its own sense. It concerns with the designing and development of air crafts and space crafts. It is ever exciting branch. It offers plenty of things to learn and explore. As remunerative it is there is no denial in the fact that it’s one of the toughest engineering fields out there. Area of aviation, defense and space are covered under Aerospace.

Aerospace engineering can be studied at bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate levels. Thorough knowledge in chemistry, physics and mathematics is a must to get a degree in this field. Along with these an individual should also have innovative and logical thinking. To get admission in to bachelor’s degree one must have passed XII grade with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as the major subjects.

Aerospace bifurcates further to Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering. Aeronautics deals with the design, development and production of air crafts, missiles and helicopters. Astronautics on the other hand deals with space crafts, rockets and space stations. Astronautics contains in itself various sub disciplines like Astrodynamics, Spacecraft design, Space environment etc.

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Initially, the individuals are hired as trainees or junior engineer. After their performance and dedication to the area is evaluated, they get placed in for training in the aircraft maintenance. After the training is done they are placed as assistant aircraft engineers. To get farther in the department they will have to give exams in accordance. The scope is also good in government sectors. Institutions like Air India, Indian Airlines, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (HAL), National Aeronautics Lab (NAL) and Indian Space Research Organization are few of them government institutes offering jobs. One can give IAF exam and apply in Air Force. Engineering students can apply in IES and can end up in one of the many government jobs.

Few of the private companies like Tata, L&T, Mahindra, Godrej and Taneja also have aerospace divisions that cater to the needs of Indian government companies. Lots of opportunities are centered in the south region because of the aerospace industry there.

Few various types of job profiles :

➤ Consultants
➤ Thermal Design Engineer
➤ Graduate Engineer Trainees
➤ Mechanical Design Engineer
➤ Aerospace Designer Checker
➤ Assistant Aircraft Engineers
➤ Aircraft Production Manager
➤ Assistant Technical Officers

Coming to the scope of Aerospace, it’s promising.Though the salary of this field is high, the work is not easy. The individuals of this field work very hard and with precision to earn such high pay. They have to be very focused on their work because of its critical nature. A small mistake can lead to big consequences in this field.  The average salary of an aerospace engineer falls somewhere between INR 35, 000 to INR 40,000 per month.