Salary Negotiation

More than often times negotiating for salary seems to be a bad idea to us. We are most of the time afraid or ashamed to speak out our wish. This behavior most of the time leaves the money on the table instead of getting it in our pockets. Negotiation is not a bad thing if you know how to do it in a right way. Not being rude and aggressive in the approach is the key. You have to handle it tactfully so your image is retained in the employer’s eye. If you do it in a right way you can have access to job opportunities galore.

Few Salary Negotiation Techniques:

Know everything in and out:

Before going to interview in any company always do your homework. Know everything about the company and its employee pattern. If possible find out how much was given to the previous employee for the position for which you applying. Never settle for less than that if you are credible enough. Along with the company history, know the market patterns. Know what the current state of salaries is for the position you applied. So you can put your word supported by all facts and figures. This can create a positive impact on your negotiation.

Use your leverage:

If you are qualified for the position and if they need you, it will be pretty visible. Their need will be visible. So take advantage of that impression you have made and exploit it to a limit to get a positive impact. Exercise the power to walk away from undesirable salary standard. Get them to know your value and do it with confidence. Do not get aggressive or over confident. Always remember just because they need you they won’t stand to anything and everything you say. So use that power wisely.

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Take some time before committing:

Do not immediately accept the offer. Kindly ask for a few days’ time to reach a decision. This will show your employer that you think before you decide and won’t settle in any situation without thinking over it.  Remember, the employers always expect a negotiation. So take some time and then approach the employer to put forward your word. See to it that you have your facts and reasons outlined properly. This might help you to land up with your desired salary.

Compensate as incentives and non-cash perk:

If you feel that the salary offered to you is less and none of the negotiation works, than ask for incentives and non-cash perks. Various monetary incentives can be profit sharing plans, paid time off, bonuses, holiday incentives and health insurances. Non-cash perks can be Flexible work hours, training opportunities and independent work ability. Obviously to these you will have to work hard and give a good performance. But this technique is a win-win for both employer and employee.

Sell yourself:

If you have it in you, sell it. If you think you are remarkable enough for the company and you can give the performance that can benefit the company tell them. Let them know with confidence that you can make the company achieve so and so targets and can carry out your work efficiently. So the company has to value it and pay you what you deserve. This technique will impress your employer. Though, remember not to be over confident and egoistic about it. There’s a thin line between confidence and over confidence. Do not cross it or you will ruin your chances.

Thus if you follow few of the above methods, you might end up at a good place with a job of your dreams. One should never hesitate in asking for what one deserves. The maximum thing that can happen is your employer saying a “no”. But there are chances it can be a “yes” or somewhere near your expectation. So buckle up and take that ride.