Time Management

The basic trick in managing the time is to start your day early. Early bird catches the worm is the phrase that must be followed. We all have 24 hours and it is important that one balances between the work and the life in order to live a healthy life. Managing time frees a person from deadline pressure and the stress.

Time management teaches how to carry out more important task first and give it more time compared to the less important task. It makes a person more productive, lessen the procrastination and at the end of the day, we have some time in our hands to relax ourselves.

Listing the daily tasks is the most beneficial thing but the idea behind making list is to use it and keep a check on the completed and uncompleted tasks. Make a list about your daily or weekly goals, as suitable to you and keep in the tool which is handy. One can use mobiles, computer or even the handy sticky notes, notepad, etc. Setting up reminders in the phone and marking dates in the calendar gives an assurance of never missing an important meeting or deadline. Do not just make the list for the sake of making one, instead try to give attention as much as possible. Not just the listing but also prioritizing the task is important.

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Set deadlines only if you that you are capable of completing the tasks in the given time span. It is acceptable if you push the deadline once or twice but doing the same every time makes you look ill performer. Deadline can be set for our own preference so that we can give a particular work, fix amount of time to work behind it. If the flexibility of setting deadlines exists then better to set it few days early compared to the actual date so the ease of completion of task.

It is better to focus and concentrate on one thing. Efficiency can be increased while doing similar task. Avoid multi-tasking to the possible extent, because having hands at various tasks can spoil the outcome as you may end up getting in troubles more if by chance there arises error in one of the task. Curb the distraction in order to have the high throughput. Interruption like phone notifications can be turned off.

Everyone is the king for own self. Everyone likes to do everything and prove themselves best but the reality is that one cannot do everything no matter howsoever best one is in that particular zone. During the work it is important to delegate responsibilities and encourage team work in order to complete the work in the given time limit. It is one of the skills to smartly delegate the work and divide the work load. People generally have the misconception that dividing the work or giving other’s work will reflect them as a weak person but it is false. Sharing work with reliable and competent people is of lot of help.

In this busy world where there is lack of free and leisure time, better utilize downtime to do something productive. The ideal time one gets in the entire day like waiting for particular thing can be utilized effectively, take short nap which will give you refreshment and energy to work efficiently for next few hours. If you do not get the free time in the entire, then it is advisable to plan your schedule in such a manner that you can take small breaks.

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It is very important in the work space to keep your motivated and remain enthusiastic for the work that is given to you. Reward yourself on the accomplishment of goals. Being positive and spreading happiness in your work environment keeps you motivated.

Take out time and communicate with your colleagues and the managers regarding the day and the work or the projects carried by you! Take the required suggestion and help which might aid you in finishing your task early. Also ask if they need your help if they are running behind the time. This strengthens the bond and cultivates the trust among your co-workers and sometimes their experience can help you in trouble.

The planner has to be long term. Work with patience and do not burn out with the overload. When the deadline is near there can be lot of anxiety and fear of failure, it becomes vital to overcome that successfully. The more you manage time in your work life, the higher chances to rise in job or the respective field of career.

The reason people fail to accomplish their goals is the lack of keeping notes. The habit of keeping list of tasks helps in prioritizing the tasks.

You need to set the personals goals as well for your betterment. Setting goals for various work helps in time management and you have a whole hand idea of how much time to invest in work and otherwise. If you do not control of fail in managing the distractions then you would lack in finishing in your task within the time span. One should know the smart way to tackle such interruptions. It becomes important in the professional life to learn to say NO, for one cannot agree to do for every task that comes up.

Avoid from reflecting yourself to be seen as over busy and abstain from actually remaining busy. Showing everyone how busy you are is of no use, it leads to ineffectiveness. People have hugely mistaken multitasking to be fruitful. Multitasking saves time is just a myth. It is wrong to work continuously for long hours. Schedule the task at a proper timing rather than the random hours.

Above all, take the time, rectify your mistakes and try to improve it. Working over your mistakes will make a huge impact and huge difference can be seen. Evaluate your working abilities and try to work accordingly, it might help in solving problems much faster and in easier way.