Mechanical Engineering: Jobs, Job Description, Salary and scope

Mechanical engineers are those who have diversified job options with various multi-functionalities that can be done. They need themselves to be updated on the daily basis as and when the new technology keeps discovering. These are the innovative minds that are always on the cutting edge of a knife with a bright knowledge of management, balancing with technology.

The processes and the products are efficiently developed by the mechanical engineers. Suitable solutions are also provided by them. Designs made by them can be of small miniatures to large machinery. Designs of automobiles, auto-machines, etc. are the example of what mechanical engineers do in the field of Mechanical Engineering. In the wide-spread oil refineries, the improvement of process in production is done with help of mechanical engineers. Another example is the machinery used to make buildings, with which the work gets faster and involves less human efforts.

Not only designing but Mechanical Engineer can work on each and every stage during process of making a product. There are generally five stages before the product gets into the market, starting from analysis including research to final implementation, i.e. developing the suggested design, making  prototype, and finally manufacturing it! Mechanical Engineers can be part of all! Installation along with final commissioning for the design and manufacturing is a part of job profile in the Mechanical Engineering. This field of engineering has the overhead of reliability from all sectors thus making its most diverse among its other competitor field. Their job profile makes them skilled for the management of various available resources including raw material used for development of the product.

The field of Mechanical Engineering is not only limited to designing on sheets but there is vast diversified area of analysis, designing, and implementation i.e. design and prototype of various systems and devices.

The activity or the Job Description of a Mechanical Engineer is as follows:

  • To monitor and commission over plants and systems
  • To meet and work with professionals
  • To use automated computer tools for modeling, researching and analyzing
  • To plan the things properly
  • To conceptualize the vision
  • To plan and design accurately new Process
  • To test reliability of product
  • If the prototype is erroneous, then the changes needs to be recommended
  • To use the principles, mathematics, and the engineering techniques for the management of project whether small or large
  • To troubleshoot if ever the devices encounter a problem
  • To discuss with the department of manufacture, customer, supplier or sub-contractor
  • To solve complex problems now and again

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To rise in the field of Mechanical Engineering the person should have the experience of working with Engineering Desging, AutoCAD, ANSYS, Solid Works, Microsoft Office and AutoCAD. Sharpening the skills of these softwares helps the person to achieve the required stature.

The more you know from the above skills, the more will be your salary. The salary can range from 352000 to 447000 depending upon the combination of skills mentioned above.

There are many job opportunities in the Mechanical Engineering in Bangalore, this region of Karnataka offers job opportunities to both fresher as well the experienced Mechanical Engineer. The salary range in this zone is usually from Rs 274,694 – Rs 1,188,532. The Design Engineer Engineers are paid approximately from  Rs 174,201 – Rs 621,847. The Mechanical Engineer are given salary worth Rs 154,701 – Rs 849,604.

Pune being the Hub of all kinds of job in any field. Maharashtra too has various job opportunities but majority of which summarizes within the Pune. The salary range is Rs 278,483 – Rs 1,207,027 for the mechanical jobs in Pune. The jobs are lined up in numbers if you search for one. The opportunity to rise increases with the increasing job numbers.  The Project Manager is paid Rs 429,468 – Rs 1,457,695 is he/she has done the mechanical engineering.

Chennai is not the only Job Hub of Tamil Nadu but it provides an attractive salary range from Rs 238,405 – Rs 1,037,884, which makes it the favorite place for both the employer and job seeker. The approximate salary of Senior Mechanical Engineer is around Rs 383,561 – Rs 1,014,416. There are various opportunities in this region for both male and female including fresher’s as well as experienced.

The fresher’s have high chance of grabbing a job as there is lot of vacancies in different companies. There are various mechanical engineering jobs in Mumbai salary between Rs 205,599 – Rs 1,258,143. The approximate salary of a Mechanical Design Engineer in Mumbai Rs 215,507 – Rs 814,121

In Hyderabad the scale for the salary is between Rs 256,564 – Rs 1,074,036. There is lot of upcoming opportunities in this region of Andhra Pradesh as well. The approximate salary for the designation of the Senior Mechanical Design engineer is around Rs 325,655 – Rs 914,455 in this zone. The fresher’s have equal chance of grabbing the position as the availability of jobs is more compared to the demand.

Apart from cities another factor with which the salary varies is the gender. There is lot of female gender deficiency in the mechanical engineering field but the salary for the genders lies in equal range. The salary for the female’s usually range between Rs 294,791 – Rs 715,802 whereas for the male the salary scale lies between Rs 238,861 – Rs 1,147,647, initially being low for a fresher and gradually increasing with the experience.

Experience is indeed the crucial factor in this field of Mechanical Engineering on which the salary relies to an extent. The salary lowers with the fall in experience. A fresher is paid more compared to the one who is more experienced and having a late career. The salary can normally range from Rs 145,725 – Rs 799,686. The average pay-scale for an Engineer in Mechanical Engineering with the necessary expertise is Rs 358,928 p.a.