IT Recruiter

IT recruitment is a process of hiring IT specialist by the IT Recruiter, specialized to the sponsored IT firms.An Information Technology (IT) recruiter is a specialized person having high profile knowledge in the technical field who hires qualified individuals for the vacancies of various job openings in the IT firms balancing time and cost efficiency. Openings can be for the fresher or the experienced which can be temporary for the project based or the permanent.

IT Recruiter should have instantaneous sharpness in order to realistically judge and select the best candidate among the various profiles. The selected job applicant should match the scale given by the hiring managers. Technical recruiter’s profile description in simplest form is to integrate a technically smart new employee to the company.

Skills of IT Recruiter:

IT Recruiter Known as technical recruiter seeks employees for the software companies. And thus should have the knowledge of IT background and requirements related to predefined job. The person himself should be aware of the advance technologies such as: Java, .Net, Oracle, SAP, Embedded, Linux, UNIX, HTML, D HTML, and XML etc.

All type of companies hire IT recruiters in order to hire IT professionals like system architects, analysts, developers, engineers and technical support staff members for the area of technology. The IT recruiter jobs are in high demand in the recent times due to the high tide wave in the Information Technology sector.

IT recruiters screen candidates based on their technical as well as non-technical skills according to the client company’s desired requirements and will go over preliminary information about the company culture and/or the compensation package they might be offering.

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They lure the prospective candidates for the suitable job. They consult companies within their job premises in order to know do and how of the company, company culture, team dynamic, dress code, environment for gaining the better understanding of the work done by it, so that they can explain the same to candidates. They keep up follow with companies’ recruitment needs and requirements.

They Review and Understand the job description, Identify suitable candidate, Screen their skills, Schedule Interview with the candidate, Keep the follow up from both the ends, And if the positive agreement is there, then they present candidate to the client company!

Formal education and prior experience are preferred to be asked. The expertise of the candidate is tested. They also verify on the candidates social and financial terms! Discussing on salary levels, training requirements and career opportunities is the responsibility of IT recruiter. IT Recruiters act as a spectator, keeping a keen observation on both the involved parties, and give the review according to the situation.

Technical Recruiting is a kind of IT job where which enforced Technical Recruiter to possess Technology knowledge, and to be confident about picking the deserving candidate. The ability to build a healthy relationship helps in maintaining long term connections with both Client Company and job seekers. Having the inquisitive nature is a plus point for it helps in asking many questions and solving doubts of the ends.

It recruiter will do best if they have to recruit in the same field, as its better to polish the same diamond rather than trying new each time leading to vein efforts! Technical recruiters may attempt to recruit at all levels, but may not produce worthy results. Not all the days are same, not all the efforts would end up giving rewarding results! Early bird gets the worm is the suitable phrase for this profession! One has to be all time accessible and on toes in order to get more candidates placed. It is quite an exciting profession where you have chance to know various people and build relationship, as well it is challenging where to have to showcase your marketing expertise in order to endorse the company.

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To find companies that need their IT recruiting services, recruiters have to grow businesses by cold calling, networking or requesting referrals. Upon establishing relationships with those who need recruiting services, recruiters assist in the development of strategies and improvements to the hiring stages, optimizing entire process. Recruiters must also understand any company policies and procedures, license and agreement as well as any governmental guidelines and laws that must be followed prior to the hiring of job applicants.

Medium for increasing the number of clients along with qualified candidate can be job fairs, social networking, community organizations, Internet data mining and media channels, headhunting and through referrals. They provide collaboration between the hiring company and the job applicant. The liaising between the two is done through the IT recruiter. There are various IT recruiter jobs in Chennai as well as other cities like Noida, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Ahmedabad, etc.

To be an IT recruiter it is compulsory to have 1-3 years of experience in information technology. To possess a bachelor’s degree or equivalent educational experience is vital. Though no specific type of degree is generally required a degree in business, communication, human resources, information systems or related field is usually sought.

IT Recruiters should have complete knowledge of Recruiting Cycle including Recruiting, Screening, Negotiation, and Sourcing. Non-technical skills include excellent verbal and written communication time management, problem solving and organizational skills. They must be able to operate computers and software programs, such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint, as well as use of the Internet and e-mail. They must have the ability to interview job candidates effectively and assess candidates accurately.

The possible designations for technical Recruiter can be HR manager promoting further to Vice president HR or HR director. The average pay scale of a Technical Recruiter is Rs 217,400 per year. A skill in Negotiation is associated with high pay for this job. They keep in continuous touch with the candidates who have applied and assist with the job profile and aid in negotiation of salary.