Strategy in Career

There comes a point in everyone’s life where they feel they are stuck and deserve a raise. Asking for a salary negotiation in terms having a salary raise can be uncomfortable for most of the employees as they fear of being rejected. Some employees get anxious and speak nonsense and unclear and thus do not get the deserving raise. Knowledge about the Importance of Preparation, Strategy and Timing is vital to gain before starting the work. Mentioned below are the few stages to work in :


Understand the performance review process, find how the pay rise is determined, have the proper reasoning of the payment procedure, determine where your salary misfits, figure out how the manager carries out the entire performance screening!


Create a list of your accomplishments! Develop the career plan. And then choose the perfect career that you have to opt for. Analyze your pay and your input work! Keep a check on the salary of others as well as you! Be ready to strongly justify your point! Also, show the readiness to answer the counter questions and how to take NO as the answer!

The strategies too can be divided as the long-term and the short-term. The Short-term strategies are mentioned below: Develop a proper plan, know your worth and then see what can be done. Have the realistic approach. Think what can be done then more you need. Demonstrate the company that you are a valuable asset to them! Propagate the count of your achievement and the accomplishments. Do not go against the boss, focus on future and understand your employer’s situation and misery.

There are some situations where you know that you cannot have a raise immediately upon your asking and thus in that case you need a long term strategy. In such times, it is advisable that you wait for the correct and plan properly. Set the stage for the future review; if possible find some senior member or the mentor who can guide you properly. Give your profile and the portfolio to a different department and the organization.

Do not compare your performance with others, try to show your achievements and reward which will help.

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Timing is the key to the success. Everything can work out if carried at the right person. Timing also focuses on the proper time gap between the salary raise and the review of the employee performance.

When you have to ask for the raise or any other query related to work then it is important that you discuss it with your boss. But one cannot randomly go and speak to the boss, having the proper fix timing for that is vital. Determining when to meet the upper management or the boss regarding your query can solve your half problems. Another reason under the factor of Timing is abstained from asking the increment to the boss when the company is suffering loss and in down performing. That time it is very obvious for your application to be rejected. Ask for a salary raise when the company is financially stable. The most thing to keep in mind while asking for a salary raise is whether you deserve or not! And if yes then how.

Do not simply pop up into the room of manager when they are busy or in meeting or in some busy days of the week. Choose a time where there is no rush, avoid choosing the lunch time. It is better to decide the meeting day in advance so that you get sufficient time to speak up for you talk. Do not go in haste; be prepared with every minor detail that you have to highlight in the cabin.

Also the other middle ways are to ask for the career development perks, have the lenient way of working, flexible work timing and develop your own incentive program. If nothing works then you might think of changing the job title and ask for the same. If they fail to understand you then it advisable for you to change the job and look for the job gives high pay!

Raise is not just after you tell your company, but sometimes it is by the company itself on seeing your performance! For most of them, it also depends on your interview.