Follow Up

We are aware of the importance of keeping a follow up after the job interview but we are not aware of the exact ways of keeping a follow up once the interview is over! After the job interview, it is tough to wait for the response call anticipating a healthy reply!! The days of handwritten notes have still not left us but then it has been replaced with the modern techniques.

Ways to follow up after the job interview are:

  1. If it was a telephonic interview, write the email in brief explaining about your experience!
  2. For the face to face interview, go home and make the point for whatever was discussed and happened in the interview room. Try trying the thank letter and then keep a continuous follow up through the mail or through the call!
  3. Ask someone your friend or someone in your near circle to keep a follow up by visiting the company or contacting them!! IF you personally call, it might have a negative impression of yours so suggest someone for doing this task for you!
  4. Directly place a call and ask them providing your personal details! Placing continuous calls won’t help but calling and keeping yourself updated at a regular interval of time might prove helpful.

While the interview is going on or during the end of interview, it is important to ask the key question!!  Ask them about their opinion regarding the job! Also as soon they are done interviewing you; make sure you raise a question to them asking about the follow up process!! During the follow up call or in the follow up email, learn to twist the question to get the answer properly!

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Sometime you can expect to get the great response while the other times you may also get the dull and the arrogant response which might drop down your enthusiasm!

Some companies have strict restrictions on calling by the candidates for the follow up’s.  You cannot try the same procedure for each and every company!! Some companies tend to show a friendly behavior while the other likes to remain in the professional ethics!

There are three standard thank you note formats with a few less favored ones:

➤ An informal note
➤ An e-mailed thank you note
➤ A faxed thank you note

It is most crucial to keep a follow up, but do not get anxious and get dishearten. Do not get down in dumps, instead be positive and think that a better job chance is waiting for you come in future! Do not react aggressively. Not every company would reveal their hiring decision howsoever rude it may look. They expect the candidate to get frustrate and give up on their own!! This is also a way to let the candidates know about the rejection, because if you were selected then you were attended and not ignored!

Three things happen here:

➤ You will either get an here rejection or approval
➤ They don’t know yet, so call back
➤ They don’t know and don’t have a call-back date to suggest

After the interview, it is you who has to lead the charge!! When the interview is over, you have to take your own responsibility and work on the tactics which can impress the company and they hire you! It’s never enough to just send out applications and go to interviews – you need to go the extra mile every single time. Though the interview may be over, the recruitment process still continues and the proper scaling of follow up can be a good tip! If the proper timeline is not provided, then it is suggested to try after week.

For the proper follow up, at the end of interview, ask for the timeline within which the company will inform about the hiring positions! Also raise a query about who from the company is the contact person!! Also interrogate about the means through which the company will get contact you!!

You have the full right to ask for the company’s business card so that you assured of getting all the correct contact information with no chance of being deceive!

Also while sending the thank you letter after the interview, you can ask for these questions if you have missed during the interview!! For the people who are shy and nervous at the time of interview, asking doubts in thank you note proves to be helpful!

The last but not the least yet the effective way is connecting on the LinkedIn profile! Like the page on the Facebook and follow on Twitter! With these you would instantly aware of the company’s update! Giving some effort in keeping the proper follow up with the company can help you utilize opportunity getting offered job!