Leaving Job

Ours is a time of tough competitions. Surviving in such an environment is a way killer task. To top that, the ratio of job satisfaction is not a pleasant one. Survey says that seven out of ten people tend to be okay at those jobs but continue searching new ones. The process of finding a job in itself is a tedious operation. Not everyone gets selected to the top MNC’s from their campuses. After going through lots of struggle when one does end up getting a job, it’s everything but satisfactory.

Problems like being underpaid, limited career growth, lack of interest, poor management etc. are the factors that can lead to job dissatisfaction and thus a person is compelled for leaving a job. So what to do in such scenario?  Leave your job? I think not…

May be you would like to go through these reasons before deciding to quit your job in haste:

Zero Income source:

If your job is your sole source of income then think twice before taking any step of quitting job. In such inflation it gets tougher to survive once you start losing all saved up funds. So always make provision for a supplementary income first and then think of quitting.


Once you use up all your savings you will start inculcating debt as you won’t have any source of income at all. And increase in debt is not a good sign. It’s a monetary as well mental torture. So think about all the debt that can accumulate because of your haste decision.

Also check out for:

Loss of social identity and status:

Once you quit your job, you get discarded off your social circle. You start getting alone as everyone you know is busy in their lives. This can create lack in socializing. This can eventually lead to aloofness from the world. Low self-esteem, lack of confidence, anxiety, depression etc. start surfacing.

Competitive Market Scenario:

Getting a job of your dreams is a very difficult scenario these days. Staying relevant is very crucial thing. After getting a job if you just decide to quit it because of various work disputes, it’s not right. Learn to take pressure and stick to your job until you figure some other alternative for it. If you have a job handy the moment you quit then its fine. If not you can face some serious consequences.

So before you try and get rid of the job make sure that you don’t create a mess where you can lose yourself. Be wise and try and learn to overcome the obstacles bringing you down. Try to resolve as much dispute you can.