Find jobs in India

Top ways to find Jobs in India:

Tap your network

Everybody knows somebody. Within your existing network there are probably jobs that would be appropriate for you, but the people who could help open doors to those jobs just haven’t thought of you. Recalling all those people you know and communicating them is beneficial. Meeting influential people will definitely help you reach to your set up goals easily.

If you have contacts who are working in your target area of job and are at a worth and potential designation, then it is suggested that you increase your connection with them so that later they can recommend you for the vacant job positions you want to apply for where their words matter. Referral through the current potential employer is most effective way of grabbing job.

Networking is all about who knows you. Personal Contacts are the most effective way to get the job. Because the person knows you personally, they are clear about your image and can suggest you the best for the job suiting your work and matching your interest. Trust only those for referring your name who do not believe in grapevine.

Connect with alumni is another approach in the network building. We like people who have something in common with us; who share the same values or hobbies; or have gone to the same school. Call the alumni in your region, go to meetings and grow your network.

You might want to know about:

Attend events

There some events which can be organized by the big companies or some individual professional personality as well private companies. If is it is related to your field of interest, then it is advisable to attend them as chances to meet great people and increase the connection get high in such business events. Without wasting a second, immediately start taking the follow up of personalities you meet and approach at the event.

Job fairs are getting popular with the awareness among the people. They offer multipronged approach for both employers and the job seekers to speak and consult in person. In recent time, the job fairs have managed to attract hundreds of job seekers. The disadvantage with the job fairs is that, you may be eligible for the entry level work.

Job seminar is similar to the Job fair but the difference is, they are oriented to the single organization or company briefing about their work environment and culture telling about the vacant positions in their company, introducing their employees who share their experience at the seminar.

Social Mediums

LinkedIn is a powerful tool to easily connect with the right people. Search your target market based on your industry, qualifications, university and interests, and connect with the people who interest you.

With increase in the growth of jobs and the use of social media, the job portals (, It is India’s new and largest job portal ) have become very popular in recent times. They provide insight about the job market. You surf the jobs, upload resume, register and subscribe yourself on the site for the alerts, change the location and apply for the job. Job protals provides most handy platform to find jobs in india.

Many companies and recruiter use the job boards to find the right candidate for the vacant position at their organization. Also there is flexibility to timely update your profile, test skill and add or edit them.

There is small section in the Indian newspapers which tells about the latest job openings both locally and nationally. They offer walk in interview details and also advertise the scheduled interviews.

Recruiting Services

There are some job positions which will never be advertised. Reaching at the senior level, it is possible to make jump to better jobs through the exclusive recommendation or by headhunters.

Recruitment Services is offered by recruitment agencies who commit to provide the best possible job to the candidate but horrendous charges are taken by them without any appreciable service.

Career Consulting is a trend that is becoming common in the economic climate of seeking jobs. Consultants cannot get you jobs but they can help you brand yourself. It is recommended because you need to have the technique of marketing yourself as a valuable commodity to the company. If you don’t have a proper knowledge of searching jobs, then the efforts kept will be a fail endeavor.It is much like a road trip with no destination.

It is advisable to see:

Campus Recruitment

Most Colleges and Universities have the campus placement programs, which recruit the students from the college itself, so that they have to invest null effort to sought after jobs as soon as they complete their graduation. Very few are aware of this kind of service. Getting placed by the college makes the task of searching jobs easy, it almost vanishes.

Appear for the certified internship with stipend has a tremendous effect on career. Internships can be great ways for students to gain real world experience in their area of study. Internships give great experience and higher opportunities. Not every internship offers the stipend.

Government Employment Service

Some states offer certain services for the people with the long time unemployment. It becomes easy to get job under this policy if one registers the name, and is found eligible for this program. They help job-seekers with career counseling and occupational testing services and will often help match them with available job openings at no cost

Rule of thumb says that the more experienced, talented and educated you are, the longer the job hunt has you sitting, biding your time because you would definitely prefer to take only high grade jobs and not easily negotiate on any kind of work.

Points that matter in fetching the Jobs in India are:

  1. Age
  2. Salary
  3. Effective resume write
  4. Planning process
  5. Negotiating
  6. Influence recruiters
  7. Regularly update your social profile
  8. Prepare for Interview
  9. Research company
  10. Location
  11. Soft skills/Technical knowledge

Let your vision be clear about the field you want to work in and the kind of work you are inclined towards. Do not plan to drop your major, rather embrace it and keep learning more. Appear for interview only when you are prepared. Taking things for granted is going to help you nowhere. W.O.R.K is a four letter word meaning Wisdom, Opportunity, Recognition, and Knowledge. By consulting people or job agencies, you are not asking for job but taking an advice and an insight to choose the correct path. Nurture the network, growing your connection and bonds with the appropriate employees or recruiters will certainly help reaching your destination. Generally people use two or more job strategies which can fetch them job but they are time consuming and tedious. Searching for jobs in the metro areas is beneficial.