Roles and responsibilities of back office executives : job description and salary

Back office executives are the backbone of the companies and organizations. They look after the duties that help and keep the company running. They deal with faxes, phone calls, and data entry tasks. One executive at least is appointed to perform human resource (HR) tasks. Back office is the place where back office executives work. Back office is generally located at other place than the headquarters. Sometimes back office work is outsourced to ones in outside countries and local consultants and contractors.

The roles and responsibilities of back office executives include the following:

1. assisting and coordinating with sales team and marketing team

2. supporting administrative staff

3. conducting marketing research

4. assisting front office staff in maintaining the office premises, scheduling events, and organizing meetings and appointments,

5. preparing customer balances and reconciling accordingly

6. supporting sales staff in handling and documenting customer accounts

7. documentation and reporting to the marketing department

8. preparing reports on competitor product analysis

9. correcting the discrepancies in the customer account balances,

10. ordering supplies and keeping track of the usage,

11. helping HR in conducting interviews

12. ensuring if everything is working in a perfect manner

13. keeping a close look at all equipments in the company and taking relevant action if equipment does not work properly or damages

14. using technology to keep the company updated behind the curtains

15. keeping office supplies stocked and

16. training new employees and terminating if necessary

Three major fields of their work include accounting, operations architecture, and HR. They support the trading functions, such as trade settlement, record keeping, regulatory compliance, and trade confirmation, in investment firms. They help sales force in performing administrative duties in sales firm – marketing, legal, order management, finance, and operations support. Broadly, the back office executives functioning in any company can be divided into five sections: processing, data management, market research, analysis, and accounting and finance. They work in several industries: healthcare, banking, analytical, market research, insurance, sales and marketing, and many such industries. The main role of back office executives remains to be in IT and technical sectors.

To work as a back office executives, there are no prerequisites. But a bachelor’s degree will increase the scope. Other required talents include good communication, analytical, and organizational skills. Working from 3 to 5 years in this field will help them in promotion to higher positions like supervisors, managers, team leads, etc. There salary ranges from as low as 8000 to 1,500,000.

Front office executives and back office executives are both equally important for a company and their services go hand in hand. They need to work together as a team and complete projects on time. Working as a back office executive will add creditable work experience to your resume. You can also apply for one by registering on Ragns. You need to upload resume and start your job search. The additional benefit of joining Ragns job portal is receiving the job alerts from the employers in your profile. With back office job, you will have relaxed environment and will be able to thrive easily than the front office ones who deal with client-facing jobs and have set roles.