Quit Job

When you know you lack passion then it is the time for you to change the job! Staying unhappy with the work, feeling constant tiredness, having stress issues and facing verbal abuse can be the reason why one should leave the job! Having the feeling of being ill fit in the office environment is the sign that you it is time for you to quit the job! Staying annoyed and reacting agitatedly to the work given is the signal telling it’s the time to quit the job.

For different reasons, it becomes pretty much obvious that one should quit the job while on the other side; it is not so clear until the actual time. Some employees are smart enough to have the realization within them.

It is not easy for everyone to realize, some take too much time before they know that it’s time to quit their job. One of the realizations occurs when people start remaining unhappy with their job, others wait till someone else comes and points out! Spending too much behind finding the reasons for staying unhappy they lend up for a conclusion that it is the time they quit the job!

It’s the topic that keeps them up at night thinking about what can be done! They consult with friends and family, seeking advice, to validate their reasoning. They know the answer, which always involves change, but the difficult part is making the change itself.

The third kinds are the ones who on fore sighting about their job change situation try to improve the situations!

Common traits to quit job:

➤Lack of passion is most important factor behind a person would change a job.

➤Being miserable for any work that is offered to you can create a bad impact. If you are acting miserable then it is a signal that you change the job and do no stick to it ruining your career.

➤In the corporate world; one has to think about oneself first and then the others. So if you have some idea about the company suffering from loss then immediately take the step to quit the job and apply for the new! Company is sinking/suffering loss is also the sign where the candidate should think of changing job and realize it is time to quit.

➤Misfit with your colleagues and boss is the strong signal for the employee to know that the time to quit the change has come. If you see yourself as a misfit within your company environment then surely it is the time for you to quit the job.

➤Having negative environment around you also decreases the efficiency of working and thus you can think in the direction of changing the job.

➤Feeling stressed with the work that is given to you and staying unhappy with the assignments and job conditions can be the one of those major because of which a person leaves job.

➤Ill performance at the job can be the reason why people quit the job.

➤Staying physical and mentally unhealthy makes the person ill and also the reason why the people leave the job easily and fast! The other reasons that keep the people leave the job are the one which are maintained.

Misfit for the corporate world and culture can also be the reason behind why people quit the job because if they do not find comfortable then it won’t produce efficiency in working. Unable to get proper feedback from the HR is the excuse given by the people who quit the job because due to lack of feedback, they fail in knowing their performance and cannot judge the improvement or progress! Imbalance between work and personal life can cause damage to the professional career forcing a person leave the current job!! It may be due to wrong job location or it may be due to long working hours! Finding the job in right and the preferred location can be the only solution for them which can solve the conflict!!

Increase work load, No increase in the salary, Ignorance of your ideas are shared, Bored with the daily monotonous work, Experiencing verbal abuse, harassment or disrespectful behavior! You have no time left for yourself and you feel like outcast! When the job becomes awful for you then it is the time for you to leave the job! Not always it becomes easy to quit the job with the instant of the thought in your mind!! For some are helpless in various ways!

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You go dread in the morning which eradicates your interest in the work you doing! The job makes you strictly follow the routine that it becomes boring for you to work. Rather than working you have a feeling on being stuck! There is no point to work in the company which is on the verge of the shutting down. Because of the lot of work pressure, you have to remain aloof and abstain from the enjoyment and the personal network of friends & family!

You have the physical health issues because of the overload of work that is been provided to you! You are not able to manage the working hours because your job is asking your more time than regular. Sometime the reason to leave the job may be that you have enough invested the time in your job but still has not got any satisfaction! Sometimes too much of work makes the person exhausted and the person loses the spark! Having the constant experience of inadequate feeling can also be the reason why a person should quit the job! Lack of sleep on the daily basis compels a person to search for the new job quitting the old job! These are reason which needs to be stressed on!