Wrong Career

Choosing a wise career is of great importance because it reflects your future scope and prospect. Don’t just look finding job randomly but also seek the one which can be fit for you. If you mistakenly choose a wrong career or in haste end up going in field opposite of your interest then it can prove to be dangerous. It is deadly to be in the field against your will. Thus it is advisable to change or shift the career as soon as you get an insight of it being the ill fit for you.

Working in the career though you are uninterested will make you unhappy gradually killing your working spirit. Working against the will kills all the enthusiasm and the person can never rise up. Continuing the work even though you dislike increases the stress level causing the death risk to go high. The statistical facts show that those with stressful jobs have twice the risk of dying from artery disease than satisfied employees. Studies show that wrong career can seriously make you ill.

Companies do not pay much attention; one has to take a stand for one own self. If you find yourself as ill fit for the position then immediately step back. The responsibility of fighting for you has to be yours as an individual. The awareness about health and stress consequences has to exist among the people.

Unhealthy work atmosphere has a direct impact on the employee and the effect is seen on their health. Many a times, certain people exaggerate small problem into big one. Some dissatisfaction or issues at work can be sort by peacefully talking with the mangers.

People under the significant the work stress suffers from the regular cold and coughs. Their immune system fails to fight against the diseases. It is important to defend from the death causing illness. It is highly recommendable to not compromise life for the sake of work. Stacking the life with the stress can make people feel older, look aged and thus they die at young. What they earn they tend to spend behind the health. On investigating deeply, one realizes that an entire body of work has been overlooked.

It is beneficial to check for:

The dissatisfaction can be of the work given, the provided team, lack of organizing support or working shift hours they get employed in. All this is in contrast with the people who are working in their wanted field. They utilize their talent to the fullest in the job to achieve the success and get promotions. Working in the career that fits one personality provides the space to improve and grow. They enjoy their work, have a better health and thus live longer. They are able to fulfill their goals and thus receive the rewards. They do best performance in all the aspects of the life.

With the wrong career choice, you feel agitated with the task given to you. One tends to show the arrogant behavior with the people around, breaking the personal and the professional relations. The person shows deficiency of work and does not prove to be productive. The self-esteem lowers with the decrease in performance and negative feedback from the managers and the co-employees. There is the negative vibes all over in the surrounding, making the person dull and less humorous and active. There is constant nagging, complaints and the destructing as well as damaging thoughts.

All this degrades the impression and in turn affects your career. You will easily become talk of town but in a bad manner as people would bitch behind you. Such behavior affects the social support. The stress at the works increases the number of ill people. The health issues faced are long lasting and can be life taking.

If you are not interested in your present job, then you would be unwilling to work for long hours. You would constantly face the work family conflict which spoils the environment at home. It would not interest you to strive hard for reaching a higher stature.

Continuity of the same behavior can lead to unemployment. With the loss of job, job insecurity scales up causing the tension bar to rise. It is the critical topic but it is being ignored in most of the discussions related to health or job, which is disheartening.

One might be inquisitive to know the meaning of fit when someone else is hired. Even though you have best qualifications, experience and great knowledge, times occur when you have to face the rejection because you were not fit for the position. It is a kind of fuzzy logic that employees use in making the excuse. Focus is on interpersonal skills, and the emotional intelligence which is more than the academic results.

If you have searched plainly just for the great job which is not fitting your profile, then you would have to keep the job hunt going on jumping from one company to another and never being contented. Always look for the company that provides work environment suiting your style of work. Analyze about the company during the interview, and make decision at that instant. Do not join if you do not find worth joining.